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Saturday, August 18, 2007
There's a New Watcher in Town

It has a been a while since SDBWM, who we called the Watcher, has graced the World wide web with his presence. It appears that he has gone further underground, but a new Watcher has taken his place. Is this one as astute as the original? It's too soon to tell. You can check it out for yourself at: http://sdbwm2.livejournal.com/

One thing we know is that #2 has some of #1's insight. On the bad side, one look at the livejournal format will tell you why we went with Blogger 68 months ago. He has some big shoes to fill. Good luck to the new watcher!

Update on Bill's Recovery

by Cheri Bjoke

Submitted by Mary Jo Nemec

Edited slightly by the Publisher

Great news! Dad is up and running! Well OK, maybe not running, but he is doing laps around the nurses station! This morning he walked 385 feet with no oxygen. By the end of the day, he was still going without being hooked up to oxygen.
Dad and Jean were on the waiting list of an apartment 405 blocks from the hospital. After being #5 on the list, Jean received a call late this morning that an apt is available early next week. This means their address will change, and once I know it, I will share it with you all.
They have gone to classes for his medications, a class on how to check his glucose levels and how to give himself insulin shots if needed. They also attended a class on "what to expect" once Dad is released from the hospital.
Carey and Carter drove to Minneapolis today to spend the weekend there with Jean and Dad.
Cheryl and I will try to get up there next week, and will plan to take their car to them so they can get around town a little easier.
Please continue to keep Dad and Jean in your prayers. He appreciates the cards and emails, so keep them coming!

A New Mystery Unfolds

The big question for all of us here at the Holabird Advocate this weekend is "Where in the World is...No not the Cable Guy, Harold and Mary Hinkle. They left the Ponderosa after a light rain of about a quarter inch. At about 10:30 am, Harold called from a pit stop in Phillip, South Dakota. He reports they are pointed west. Who knows what that could mean?

We'll let you know more about it as details come in throughout the day, with tomorrow's details reported on Monday.

I started getting e-mails from folks around the region telling me that a cyber squatter was using my SD Watch Man identity to launch a new blog. Ugh. I want your great readers to know that I don't have a thing to do with this new blog.

A little bit about my life since I left the blogosphere. I wrote a book, got cancer, got divorced and moved into an apartment that is so small I have to go out to come in.

I am looking forward to the Rounds - Johnson Senate race and find the posturing on Sen. Johnson's behalf very interesting.

The Argus Leader continues its downward slide but I have given up on any chance the Randall Beck will ever be responsive to readers' concerns. His ego is bigger than mine (and that's saying something).

My sworn enemy, Sibby, continues to produce a blog that is so boring that I have just stopped reading it . I still read the posts of the Apple Dumpling Gang but now that their stars are in D.C. with Thune, it's become a little too academic in nature.

The wood pulp blog is one of my favorites. Everyone should read it. Bernie and Katie Hunhoff are doing a marvelous job with the S.D. Magazine and some of the best posts each day are being written by mssrs . Lund and Hemisphere (oops, Freudian slip) are some of the most compelling.

I don't understand Greg Belfrage's blog at all and so I rarely read it.

That's my round-up. Keep up the good work.

The original SDBWM
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