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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Tomorrow: Destination Mitchell

It has taken a while, but the Hinkle's have hunted down every possible lead to find our Publisher a new home in Mitchell. The difficult part was getting people to pick up the phone. None of the $200 apartments were available. In fact, they were the first to go. It looks like a seller's market out there. The Hinkle's are going down sometime tomorrow to see what is available. There are a couple places about a mile or so away from the DWU campus. There is also a place available that is located about a half mile outside of the city. The prices of these domiciles range in the neighborhood of $285-$300. A pricey neighborhood indeed! But, in this Year of the Open Door, the possibilities are infinite. It would be easy to give up now, but that is not an option. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate have this feeling that something good is about to happen!

Jerry Hinkle hopes that on the way over, they can stop to the BP Convenience Store in Kimball, if they can find it. South Dakota Magazine claims that this particular store has the best popcorn balls in the state. It's not that Jerry doesn't believe, but he wants to see, and taste, for himself.

North of 40

by Red Green

"When things go badly I feel cheated,

and when they go well I feel unworthy.

I love it best when nothing happens."

In my life I've taken a fair bit of guff from my siblings and my friends and neighbors and my bosses and especially from my wife. But I'm not complaining. We all need guff. And to prove it, here's a list of bad things that would happen to you if you weren't taking guff from people who care:
You'd be wearing those orange pants you bought at the thrift shop.
You'd be riding a moped.
You'd have a mullet haircut.
You'd do karaoke.
You'd have a Zamboni in your driveway.
You'd be in the backyard without a shirt on.
You'd run for political office.
To show our support for a concert by our local men's glee club, my wife had bought front-row tickets, which were neither expensive nor rare. As I sat there looking up at this group of middle-aged men doing five- and six-part harmony, some of it on purpose, it came to my attention that we need some improvement in the area of trouser design. Most of these men on stage had waistbands that were rolling over from the burden of a 50-year-old stomach. These are not the bodies of young men. They can't be clothed with the pants of young men. A young man's stomach is flat like a farmer's field and can be contained with a waistband. It's like a fence. A middle-aged man's stomach is round and curling like the waves on the ocean. A fence is not going to do it. He needs a retaining wall with a weave that's light and flexible and strong enough to do the job. If there are any men's pant designers out there, I'm just going to say one word -- titanium
We've got The Power of 10
Once we started watching The Power of 10, we realized that not all the questions were all that thought provoking. We have found one that is though. It speaks to an interesting part of the modern nature of the American people. Here is the question:

What would you rather watch on TV?
A Presidential debate
A Hot Dog eating contest
What else you got, Bub?
Forget TV! I'm gonna read something!
Free polls from Pollhost.com

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