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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Publisher Gives Notice

Slowly but surely, everyone around the Hyde County area is finding out that Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, is heading to Kornfield County in search of bigger and better things. More and more, it's Jerry himself that is telling people about it. Not everyone reads our little Newsblog, we suppose. Last Sunday, Jerry told Otto and Esther Butzman. They are a couple from Harrold, South Dakota who were close friends of E.E. Hinkle from years back. They live in the Highmore Healthcare Center now. Whenever Jerry had time, he'd go up to see them, and any other familiar faces he could find. Hopefully, one of the Holabird Advocate Readers will take Jerry's place as a visitor and help him keep in touch with them on occasion.

As it happens, next Sunday is the Methodist Church's turn to have Worship at the nursing home. Jerry will make a special effort to go out there for, barring the unforeseen, may be the last time. As an extra incentive, Friday will be Otto and Esther's 67th wedding anniversary. They are well on their way to celebrating one of the all time great love stories. They are a real inspiration and great role models for the next generation.

Moving Day Comes Closer

With Jerry Hinkle having to be in Mitchell for orientation at DWU by 8 am Friday, August 24, Harold and Mary Hinkle are understandably anxious about securing an apartment for him. The rental rates run anywhere from $200-$375. Jerry does wonder how he's going to swing that. After all, the money has to come from somewhere. And yet, he knows that God will provide the way. Sometimes, much like Merle Haggard in that song he sings, Jerry forgets about a friend that Leonard knew.

Right now it looks as though the Hinkles are going down to Mitchell to scout out apartments sometime either tomorrow or Thursday. It'll be most likely tomorrow, as Harold and Mary have that Mystery Tour this weekend. Wouldn't it be ironic if one of the stops just happened to be the Corn Palace? Harold is still hoping for Medora, North Dakota. If you do go there, shake hands with Teddy, and eat some buffalo for us, Harold!

No Winners at the Golden Buffalo?

Not that anyone thought they would, but none of the Hinkles won any money at the casino last night. They had just inside the legal limit of fun. Harold went into the rest room and met Nilo Reber, and old friend of the Hinkle family from Gregory, South Dakota. It was noted that he hadn't changed much in the 10-15 years since they last saw him. He had just been visiting Morris and Amy Reber in the Miller area.

Mavis Kennedy was itching to get some money spent, so they went into the restaurant. Everyone had an 8 oz. prime rib with their choice of potato and salad bar. That is, everyone except Jerry Hinkle, who was talked into ordering the 12 oz. roast. Mavis must have figured such a large piece of meat would convince Jerry to forget about pancakes and soft ice cream. It did the trick!

While Jerry waited for the rest to get their gambling over with, Jerry played some video Black Jack to the tune of $2. He hit Black Jack twice and at one time was up $6 Then he doubled down on 11. After that, he never won a hand. Jerry doesn't consider it gambling, he calls it, "making a donation to the reservation". It may surprise him to know just how precious little of that $2 went to the native population.
On their way home, the Hinkle saw that Bar JZ had some cows that broke down the fence, so Harold Hinkle called Don Zilverberg to let him know. They must have got them back in sometime today, because George and Mavis made it out of the Ponderosa all right
South Dakota Songbook
by Merle Haggard
« © '80 Tree Publishing, BMI »
When Leonard finally came to California
He was twenty one years old as I recall
He loved to write a song and pick the guitar
And he came to hang a gold one on the wall
The town in which he lived is not important
You'll which town I mean by time I'm through
He soon became a famous entertainer
But Leonard was a name he never used
He was on his way to having what he wanted
Just about as close as one could be
Hey once he even followed Elvis Presley
And he wrote a lot of country songs for me
But he laid it all aside to follow Jesus
For years he chose to let his music go
But preachin' wasn't really meant for Leonard
But how in the hell was Leonard supposed to know
Well life began to twist its way around him
And I wondered how he carried such a load
He came back again to try his luck in music
And lost his wife and family on the road
After that he seemed to bog down even deeper
And I saw that booze and pills could really do
And I wondered if I'd ever see him sober
But I forgot about a friend that Leonard knew
Well Leonard gave me lots of inspiration
He helped teach me how to write a country song
And he even brought around a bag of groceries
Hey back before Muskogee came along
Really I'm not tryin' to hide his show name
Or the town in which this episode began
Somehow I had to write a song for old Tommy
If just to see the smiling faces in the band
Well when Leonard finally came to California
He was twenty one years old as I recall
And he loved to write a song and pick the guitar
And he came to hang a gold one on the wall

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