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Monday, August 13, 2007
Hinkle Cleaning into the Homestretch
The work is getting long and the tempers are getting short, but things are getting sorted out at the E.E. Hinkle place. Just when everyone thinks they got it all covered, something else pops up. One wonders if E.E. and Bergit Hinkle every threw away anything. The Hinkle family has found Woman's Day magazines from as far back as 1966. One thing is for sure, they read up on Jackie Kennedy a lot back then. No wonder she was so publicity shy at the end of her life. Anyway, most of what is able to be sold has been moved to a storage unit until the sale. The Hinkles may find something else that is valuable. At least to Jerry Hinkle.
Mavis Kennedy is taking everyone out for dinner tonight, because she has money that she hasn't spent yet. Our Publisher is just the opposite, he has spent money he doesn't have yet. A lot of folks are that way nowadays. The sad part of it all is that George and Mavis will be leaving the Ponderosa without Mavis making her secret recipe for pancakes with the not so secret ingredient. Perhaps the prime rib will make up for it! Maybe some soft ice cream as well. At least there's no dishes to wash!

Publisher Picks Picnic
Jerry Hinkle has sent the RSVP to the I&O Club picnic. He even offered to supply fried chicken, potato salad, and ants. He was told to just bring himself. He should have asked to bring some aunts. At least one of them can bowl. Mary Hinkle has found 5 vacant apartments on the Mitchell Daily Republic website. The cheapest is $285 (OUCH!). Jerry is thinking of sleeping either at the YMCA or the back seat of his car.

A New Pair Of Lungs For Bill Zilverberg
by Cheri Bjorke
Submitted by Mary Jo Zilverberg
Edited slightly by the Publisher
We are all thanking God for Dad's blessing of a new set of lungs!
Dad got the call Wednesday, August 8 at 7:30AM that it was his turn for new lungs. You can imagine he was having a tough time catching his breath about that! By 8:30AM, Dad and Jean were on the Sanford Intensive Air airplane headed for Minneapolis. By 7PM Wednesday, Curt, Cheryl, Carey and I were at the University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital. They hadn't taken Dad in yet for his surgery, but he was in good spirits even though he had been waiting there for over 8 hours. We were able to take pictures of him and his nurses along the way as he was waiting and prepped. Finally at 10PM, as Curt, Carey and I headed for the airport to pick up Joe who was flying from Oregon; they took Dad into surgery.
At around midnight, the care coordinator came out to tell Jean and Cheryl that the lungs were a match! The boys and I were out lost somewhere in Minneapolis. At around 2:30AM, the care coordinator came back to tell all of us that lung was in, and the surgeon was working on getting the other one attached. At 5:45AM Thursday, August 9, Dad had both of his lungs! Once they had taken him to ICU, we were able to go see him. They planned to keep him heavily sedated for 24 hours. Even though he had many tubes come out of him all over, he looked real good. He had a great color to him, which if you had seen him lately, he had been very pasty white. Jean and us 5 kids checked into the Days Inn just 8 blocks away, had some breakfast and then tried to nap or take a shower. Throughout Thursday, we took turns checking on Dad, but there wasn't much we go do for him, and he didn't know we were there. We continued to take pictures of each nurse taking care of him, so we can make him a scrap book. The nurses all cooperated. We found a Target so we could buy a few supplies that we didn't get before we left town. After 3 times around the area, we finally got back to the hospital. Fortunately my passengers were all patient with me as I missed the important off ramps! The last nurse Thursday evening said that on Friday morning they would start waking Dad up, and then put back to sleep again so he would slowly get used to his respirator. The nurse said that if we were to come around 9AM or 10AM, Dad would probably still have the tube in and probably be sleeping on and off.
Friday 9:30AM - to our surprise the tube was out! He hadn't been cleaned up yet, and didn't have his teeth yet, but he was acting like a real clown! It was great to see! Dad's sister Mary Jo had planned to be in Minneapolis this weekend, so it was perfect timing for her to come visit him. Although we missed her, as we took Jean to a Walmart to pick up a few supplies to stay for a while. We didn't get lost getting back to the hospital either! At 3PM Friday, Dad was still cracking jokes, he was sitting up in a chair. Curt, Cheryl, Carey and I came back to Huron Friday afternoon, and got home at 10PM.Joe will fly home to Oregon on Sunday. Jean is staying at the Days Inn, her cell number is 605-350-2788.
Dad is as Fairview Hospital - University of Minnesota, 500 SE Harvard Ave, Minneapolis MN; his mailing address will be:
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
He doesn't have a room yet, so I don't know how you can send him mail yet.
916 9th SW
Huron SD 57350
I will be sending their mail to them once a week.
If you are near the Minneapolis area, please try to stop in to see him. He will be there for at least 6 weeks to 3 months. Thank you all for your prayers! Please continue your prayers for Dad during his recovery and rehab. Please share this with those who know Dad.
Pollmaster General Results

Well, the 9 cent price increase on a $5 cup of coffee won't impact Readers of the Holabird Advocate. a paltry 9% think that Starbucks live up to the hype. Another 45% don't think that way, and the rest have never darkened the door of a Starbucks.
A while back, the Editorial board came up with some new mottoes to reflect our change of venue. Someone suggested "The sanest blog in Mitchell", but we rejected that one. Effective September 1, we will change the masthead with the most popular of the mottoes. That's where you come in. See which one tickles your fancy.
Which of our new mottoes do you like
Same Newsblog, Better Home Office
Now with extra corn for more energy
It's like going to DWU for free
Turning rumors into facts since 2002 with all the news we see fit to print
Our Publisher: One more vote for Steve Sibson
Our New Home office is a palace made of corn
Forget Matt Lauer! Where in the World is...Shawn Cable?
Bring on the co-eds
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