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Saturday, August 11, 2007
E.E Hinkle's House Getting Emptied

It has been a while in coming, but E.E Hinkle's 3 kids, and a couple of in-laws have made noticeable progress in removing items from his old house. These were the property not only of the old boy himself, but his wife Bergit, his parents, his in-law's, and they even found a salt jar that belonged to Bergit's aunt, Ethel Larson.

Of course it all goes on the auction block on September 30. At first Jerry Hinkle thought that the whole scene was a bit mercenary. He has since come to realize that this is the only fair way to divide things up, or as least as fair as it's going to get. Jerry hopes that items such as Annie Hinkle's butter jar, the quilts that she made, and Ethel's salt jar can stay in the family somehow. It would be nice if the political campaign button collection could stay in the family as well. That is highly unlikely, but if the auctioneer takes Visa, Jerry will make sure that an outsider will earn the collection. If not, then maybe Professor Patrick Powers from SDWC will come over to make sure they don't go cheap. If they gotta go to a stranger, Jerry thinks they should go to a stranger that he knows.

Kudos go to Mary Hinkle

Mavis Kennedy gives thumbs up to Mary Hinkle's DVD of her trip to Europe. Mary said that she should have had the pictures move in 10 second intervals instead of 8, but it doesn't matter. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are sure that everyone loved the presentation as much as Mavis did.

DWU Happenings

Jerry Hinkle was notified that Wells Fargo of Sioux Falls has approved his student loan. The interest rate is 6.8%, which stung a little, but at only $87/month, it will be paid off in ten years, so that's not too bad.

Jerry has also been invited to join the I&O Club Picnic on Saturday, August 25, the weekend of orientation. Sort of a "get acquainted" event. I&O is a club for non traditional and transfer students that is, as they describe it, "laid back". After the picnic, he and any family members who wish to can go bowling afterwards. Jerry will bowl as long as he's not required to be good at it, because he isn't good at all. Maybe he will learn how to bowl that weekend.

Lastly, we want to clear something up. Sort of separate rumor into fact. Jerry has been advised by his Academic Advisor that he could graduate in 3 years, and finish up at the Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls. Of course, Jerry has to get through the 3 years at DWU first.

Another Guardsman has been Born

by Jerry Hinkle

courageous, dynamic Publisher

of the Holabird Advocate

This week, there are a group of young men, and possibly some women, in Fort Sill, Oklahoma who have graduated from National guard boot camp. My cousin, Tracy Lennick, is one of them. I don't know exactly why he is joining up, but it doesn't matter. The fact is he did. At a time when being in the National Guard can be harmful to ones health, and also at a time when service to one's own is looked upon as something to be avoided, Tracy is going against the crowd. I for one want to let him, and the rest of you Readers, know how proud I am of him and the rest. It's one thing to sing "God Bless The USA" and tell, "The men who died" that you would "Stand up next to you, and defend her still today". It's quite another to actually do it. I'm not saying that Tracy will die, just that he is standing up next to those who died. How anyone that young could make such a man sized decision, I don't know. Should he be sent overseas, I'll be among those who will pray for his safety. If there is anyone else in the service overseas that could use prayer let me know. I got two hands, two knees, and no waiting.

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