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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Bridget Deuter Getting Married
Our Publisher read in the Huron Plainsman that Captain Bridget Deuter of Ree Heights, South Dakota, will be married on August 17 to a guy named Captain Christopher Baldwin from Griffin, Georgia. The wedding will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, which as everyone knows, is halfway between Griffin and Ree Heights.The Plainsman makes it sound as if they are being called up for deployment this fall.
Even though our Publisher wasn't invited to the wedding (he couldn't go anyhow) he wishes to give them his best wishes, and his offer to buy Bridget breakfast in Highmore is still open, and will include her husband as well.
In the meantime, as E.E. Hinkle would say, "God be with you, and do the best you can!"
Public Meeting Paints Dismal Picture
Jerry Hinkle put his back out yesterday, so he stayed at the Ponderosa while Harold and Mary Hinkle went to the public meeting concerning the Hyde County FSA consolidation. Neither one holds out much hope for the future of the FSA office in Highmore. They said that SED Steve Cutler stated that he respected every opinion, but they felt that he wasn't listening or going to listen. As for what's next, time will tell.
Auctioneer to Meet with Hinkle's
The Children of E.E. Hinkle are getting together with the auctioneer on Friday afternoon to discuss the estate sale, which is to be held on September 30. George and Mavis Kennedy are on their way to the Ponderosa, picking up Joyce Ferris in Pierre.
North of 40:Spreading the wealth
by Red Green
I think nature is pretty smart. For example, the way she spreads out the peaks in a man's life. We reach the height of our sexual prowess in our late teens, our top athletic form in our late 20s, the zenith of our business initiatives in our mid-40s, the maximum benefit from our experience in our early 60s, and the apex of our wisdom in our late 70s. It's like a well-planned garden: There's always something blooming. Think how much worse it would be if instead it all came together at the age of say, 85. Imagine being an experienced, savvy, athletic, wise octogenarian at the height of your sexual prowess and having an embarrassment of riches and not nearly enough time to spend them. Not to mention the difficulty you'd have getting a date.
Like I said, nature is pretty smart.

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