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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Minneapolis Tragedy Hits Close To Home

All of us here at the Holabird Advocate were shocked and saddened at the news from Minneapolis. This was most keenly felt when we knew that Joan Hansen was heading that way with Susan and Claire Geitzenauer. Mary Hinkle called her the Geitzenauer house and was sure glad to talk to Joan, who reports that she was well north of where the wreck happened, and was not even hurt by the collapse.

Harold Hinkle reported that Ryan Rittel told him that one of the Nemec girls went over that bridge yesterday as well. Nick Nemec Confirmed that it was Bridgette, who was on a Farmers Union Youth tour. One of the things on the agenda was a Twins game. She believes that her bus crossed the bridge a matter of minutes before the collapse.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those with loved one who are injured, dead, or missing. The Presidential Prayer Team has called our Publisher into prayer for all of those affected by his horrible occurrence, including the rescue and recovery workers. It is his hope that those who are able will likewise join him.

Hinkles Hay Backyard

Harold and Mary Hinkle tricked Jerry Hinkle into making mulch and compost for them while they were gone. They had him water the backyard grass every other day. Well, no good deed goes unpunished. Jerry forgot that when one waters grass, it has a tendency to grow. Harold got on the riding lawn mower and cut the grass, then Jerry had to gather it up in a pile near the garden. Jerry is glad that he thought it was "labor intensive" to water the front yard as well. At least to day it was only 90 degrees.

Good News for a Change

Enough bad news and sad news. Time for some good news. Agnes Hahn called to report that Ryan Forbes and his wife (we think her name is Amy) had a baby girl earlier this week. We don't know what they named Baby Girl Forbes, or have any of the vital statistics. We are just happy that she was born with the right number of fingers, toes, eyes, and ears. Ryan used to live at the Come Hahn Inn and after a while he sort of became like one of the family. Our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, doesn't know Ryan that well, but if Agnes Hahn likes him, he can't be all bad. Congratulations to the new Parents! God Bless you one and all! OOPS, better make that three and all.

Another bit of good news is the chokecherry crop. Harold Hinkle took Brittany, Shelby and Justin Hinkle out to pick chokecherries, and they all did a super job. Mary Hinkle just hopes she has enough sugar, gelatin and jelly jars to take it all in. There's been talk of making wine, but Jerry Hinkle hopes to discourage that. If they do make some, you can be sure he won't get any!

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