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Monday, August 27, 2007
Classes Start at DWU
Monday morning came down like an old Johnny Cash Song. Jerry Hinkle, and nearly 800 other University students got up to go to class. Jerry left McGovern Hall early this morning, because he could.
His first Class is intro to Theater. The instructor, Professor Daniel Miller, prefers that his students call him "Dan". He seems nice, a real fun guy. He announced that auditions for "Deathtrap", a comedic murder mystery, are coming up. Getting involved with production means extra credit, which never hurts. It hasn't escaped Jerry's notice that there is an ocean of lovely ladies to interact with. It's not all acting. Dan wants the students to learn how to write reviews. Something more substantial than "It sucks!" The reviews are to be written in something called Number 12 Times New Roman Font and double spaced. Jerry doesn't know what that means, but he will soon.
Next is World History with Professor Sean Flynn. He has the standard History textbook for the class, and another that tells the story of Martin Guerre, which we'll be read in November we believe. There will be an open book test on the book on thew Monday before Thanksgiving. Professor Flynn seems nice as well.
Pastor Brandon Vetter teaches the final class of the day, Classics in Christian Thought. He's a real swell guy. The class, however, is a 380, and tough. There are several books that are required reading for this class. The first book in the series is not available at the Campus Bookstore. Hopefully Mary Hinkle can locate it on Amazon and zap it to him so he can get it read before too long. Jerry doesn't have an account with Amazon, so it will be difficult for him. During the course of the semester there are 13 two page papers that are to reflect the assigned reading using something called Microsoft Word. Once again , Jerry doesn't know what that is, but he's better be for finding out.
Culver's Still Possible
Jerry Hinkle braved the 97 degree heat to Culver's, where he had a 2:30 appointment with Kristy. He made a few wrong turns and just about didn't make it on time. Jerry believes it went well. She said she would call when the decision was made. Jerry has his phone on constantly as a result. He was also hoping to hear from Country Kitchen, but nothing so far.
Hansens Passing Through
It appears that Ken, Joan and Anne Hansen are going to be going through Mitchell on their way to see Agnes Hahn at the Come Hahn Inn for the Labor Day Weekend. Ken has offered to pick up our Publisher on the way over so he can see the home folks. As nice as that sounds, he's waiting on word from Culver's before he gets too excited about the possibility of seeing Hyde County again. The last time he said "Good bye" to his grandmother, he almost started to cry.
Free Entertainment Over
Gone are the days when free food and entertainment flowed freely. The University had quite a few picnics and get togethers this weekend. That's all over now. Free bowling is done as well. Jerry Hinkle pulled his bowling average up from 57 to 67 this weekend. Still not good enough to get on the team with John and Dave Zilverberg.
The Corn Palace Festival is over with as well. Jerry was able to sneak in at the tail end to see the headliners, but "Weird Al" was a mild disappointment. Jerry did see his cousin, Matt Semmler, and his wife coming out of the show. There were a lot of home folks at The Oak Ridge Boys. Duane and Kitty Johnson brought his brother and her sister. Jerry also saw Jim and Carol Faulstich, Merv and Doris Mewes, and Helen Huey. Terry O' Brien and his wife were there as well. They asked if Harold and Mary Hinkle were down as well. They weren't, of course
A DWU Student ID can still get some good discounts. They get one in free to all the school functions. One can even get fuel at a 5 cent per gallon discount at the M-H station. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are sure there are many way to use the ID. Before long Jerry will have them all down pat. In the meantime keep praying. Jerry has had quite a few "what the ___ am I doing here" moments but he has managed to keep it all together. He'd better, It's only the first day for goodness sake!

The night of my first chemistry class I drove home and cried myself to sleep because I was just sure I was going to flunk out. Just "keep on truckin'" is about all the advice I can give you. You'll also find that most professors appreciate the non-trad students because we take things more seriously.
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