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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Home is Sweeter with Corn
Harold and Mary Hinkle were well pleased with the condition of the Ponderosa. They weren't quite sure what they'd come back to from the reports they heard. The had to admit that Jerry Hinkle did a better job than they thought he would. Thank God for low standards is all we can say! Still, none of the cats, cattle, or any other livestock on Hinkle Farms died. The only reported death was the mouse caught in the sticky trap.
Perhaps Jerry's greatest achievement was the way he faithfully watered the sweet corn. Harold bought some sweet corn on the way home, but discovered that the corn at home was in better shape. Sweet corn has become the vegetable of choice are around the Ponderosa. As far as fruit goes, they have raspberries and chokecherries growing just in case Kaylee Zilverberg wants to pick a few.
Wonderful Amazing Awesome Vacation!
by Judy Haiwick
Special Travel Correspondent to the Holabird Advocate

On our trip to Norway, We learned the Fjetland family motto: "The Fjetland's may be short, but they read really fast." We saw our cousin Tomas Fjetland cutting hay with a scythe, because his side hills are too steep for even Norwegian mechanized tools.And we saw our cousin Karl Johan Kverneland's personal waterfall.We met second, third, and fifth cousins.We drove up and down mountains on gravel roads. We ate sild and berries and gjetost and four kinds of lefse. And fiskesuppe. And ice cream every time we rode a car ferry. Jim caught a fish in Stavanger harbor that broke his line and got away.Independently of one another, we ran true to form and found thrift shops and sale racks.And we talked and laughed and told stories and had a wonderful time.

Pollmaster General

It looks like most of the Holabird Advocate Readers wouldn't mind a refinery in their backyard. Not is it is a hypothetical refinery anyway. Of those with a preference, 62% said they'd welcome the Hyperion Refinery in their community. Another 14% say they'd not welcome such a thing, while the rest would like more information before they committed to such a venture. It's amazing what $3 gas will do.

Speaking of expensive things. We understand that a $5 cup of coffee at Starbucks will cost an additional 9 cents. Believe it or not, Holabird does not have a Starbucks. We'd like to know if the Starbucks experience lives up to the hype we hear from the outside world. So let us know about your Starbucks experience!

Does Starbucks live up to the hype?
It meets and surpasses expectations
Not quite
I've never been. Sorry!
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