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Monday, July 30, 2007
Hinkles Head Home

When last we heard from the group known as the Happy Wanderers, they had been marooned in Iceland. We have heard from them further. Iceland air put them up for the night on Saturday and provided a meal at the airport,breakfast and lunch on Sunday. They even provided buses to and from the airport. They spent the entire day Saturday in the Oslo airport so it was a long day for them . The hotel they were put up at is the Hotel Ork which is linked up here:


As you can tell, it was rough. But their fate improved yesterday as they at least made it to Boston, where it rained on them. This morning at about 6am, they left for the Twin Cities, waving good-bye to Norm, Cliff, and Backseat Becky. After breakfast Harold and Mary Hinkle left the group and headed for the Ponderosa. At about 3:15 Holabird Time, Harold called home to see how they were fixed for milk. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate suppose they'll get home in time for "Two and a Half Men" even though it's a rerun. At least the Texas third of the group made it home uneventfully

Publisher on the Road Again

Instead of buying chocolate powder for his vanilla ice cream, Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic, and slightly rotund Publisher of the Holabird Advocate bought a box of Kellogg's Cereal because the toy was a step counter. He hit the road this afternoon, walking for at least a mile. he has registered 2716 steps so far today. This counter doesn't convert to miles like some others, but 2000 steps is close to a mile, depending on the stride one takes. Jerry is worried that he may have celebrated his birthday with Twinkies and root beer just a little too much. Jerry shouldn't worry, however. Mark Lowry says "There are two things that will kill a man outright, cholesterol and worry. Cholesterol's a lot more fun!"

The Texas Third of the Nine

by Virginia Caraway

Edited slightly by the Publisher

The Texas third of the "9" made it home safely and without incident after an incredible journey into our ancestry. This has been truly the trip of a lifetime and I cannot thank Phyllis, Mary, and Joan enough for organizing, planning, making travel bags and all the other little details that made this trip so special. Obviously, having Sven and Signe in Norway to interpret was the icing on the cake. They were the consummate host and hostess and just a delightful couple. We were blessed with good weather most of the time (pretty cool for this Texas bunch) because more days were forecast for rain than we received. All in all I have to give this adventure a 5 star rating. For those of you that were not able to go, I hope that the stories you will hear and the pictures you will see can give you an idea of just how special it was.

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