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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Hunter Mees Record Broken

We're not sure if it was Shawn Cable, Max Noach, The Hyperion Refinery or MySpace that did it, but we registered 96 hits for our Little Newsblog. That beat the previous record of 94, which was set on Hunter Mees Day.

As it happens, it is possible that Shawn Cable has been found. A source that we won't name has supplied us with what they claim is his new project. They also gave us the home address of "The Cable Guy". We will not make that public our of respect for Shawn's privacy. We also want to wish him all the best and let him know we will miss him.

Post Card from Germany

by Clemens Kurek

Dear Jerry,after a weekend which I spent with my parents in my hometown Spremberg, I'm back in Berlin. My mom celebrated her 66th birthday last Sunday, the same date like your grandfather. A coincidence?) So the whole family was there: my sister with her two sons, my brother and I. Now I'm back in Berlin, working in the Jewish Museum again and learning for the second main subject, Linguistics.I like your idea, to make me an ambassador of the Ponderosa Post here in Europe (or Berlin or Germany), because I was toying with the idea to join the world of blogging. The job as an ambassador could be a kind of stepping stone for me. But the most important question is, what do you expect from me? Stories from the old world? Politics, art, sport, entertainment, every day life...? You don't have to be worried. Your parents and your aunts and uncles gave me some beautiful gifts: a Vikings shirt and some really nice books! And the most beautiful thing; I was invited to Ponderosa, Iowa and Minneapolis!! So, I have the chance to see the palace of corn in South Dakota by myself. And I didn't know that like this exists, but I know that you can find the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. With the best wishes and greetings to your family and you Clemens

Goehring European Vacation

by Phyllis Ehlers

We returned to Oslo from Geiranger last evening so now we are done with the organized tour. We saw the Olympic 1994 pavilion in Lillihammer yesterday on our way down to Oslo. It was quite impressive. We also got to watch some skiers practicing their jumps. They were awesome. Some of them will be in the next Olympics from Norway. The bus went through several tunnels on our tour. In fact, there are 900 plus tunnels (road tunnels) and we went through quite a few of them. One was 15 miles long. Don't know how many ferries there are in Norway but there are quite a lot of varying sizes. On Sunday we went to the Briksdal Glacier. We took golf cart like vehicles up the path part way and then hiked the rest of the way up to the glacier. A chunk even fell off the glacier while some of the group were up there. It way magnificent and not nearly as cold as I thought it would be. A beautiful waterfall also at the glacier with a bridge going in front of it that we got to ride through the mist. We also saw one waterfall that we got to hike up to and walk behind the falls. Some of us toured the stave church (look it up) in Lom. It was built in the 1100s. We took highway 6 part of the way. It starts in Northern Norway and goes all the way to Rome. Can you believe that? Good thing the bus driver knew when to get off or I might be writing from Rome. We also had lamb roast while here in addition to the reindeer meat and excellent desserts. We are on our own now, so won't be eating so high on the hog. The tour bus travelled 1720 kilometers (1069 miles) from Oslo back to Oslo. Average size of the bigger farms in Norway is 225 acres. Some are only 3 to 4 acres and some abandoned farms higher up in the mountains along the fjords. The farms were such a pretty green along the mountain side so the stood out from the forests. We nine leave today from Oslo by train and make our way to Stavanger to see the ancestral sights. We are having a fun time touring together.
North of 40: The evolution of games
by Red Green
We didn't have video games when I was a kid. We were stuck with having to play football or baseball out in the sunshine with our friends, rather than having the luxury of being able to sit alone in a darkened room playing Bloodlust with a joystick.
To me, the biggest difference is not the social or financial repercussions of these different approaches to entertainment -- it's the role of the player. One is active, the other is passive. When you play a video game, no matter how many times you get killed, it doesn't hurt nearly as much as taking a foul ball in the groin. That's because in a real game, you are a hands-on participant; but in a video game you are merely an involved spectator.
This is a dangerous precedent. From the games I learned as a kid, I knew that I wanted to take an active role in my own life. You should all want to be a participator, not just a spectator -- especially during your marriage, and even more so during conception.

ahhh well.... we knew it would happen one day!
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