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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shawn Cable Has Competition

We still get a little bit of search traffic from people wondering where Shawn Cable is. But today we got a couple hits from people looking for Max Noach. Max is a cousin to the Zilverberg family from the State of New York. In fact, one of those searches was from somewhere in New York. Mary Jo Nemec went on a trip to New York to visit him and his wife at their 60th anniversary party. She sent an article that was written about Max and his wife. We had planned to reprint the article, but reconsidered because we don't want to cheapen this powerful sort of life and love. So we will instead link it up for you here: http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070720/NEWS04/707200382/1197/RSS

Not that it matters. But we are still looking for Shawn Cable on the Internet. Where, oh where could he have gone?

Going from Involved to Committed

Jerry Hinkle got another letter from DWU today. This one had a window decal from the University. They are for sale for $1.49 at the McGovern Library Bookstore, but Jerry got his free. OK, not free, it is going to cost him something down the road. Because August 24 is so far away, it hardly seems real. But all too soon, it'll be too late to back out.

Here Comes the Judge!

Brittany Hinkle will be part of the Hyde County judging team at a 4-H contest in Huron on Friday. Brit is part of the Western Wranglers 4-H club and will hopefully carry on the legacy of good judgement in the Hinkle family. She couldn't be any worse at judging livestock than her uncle, Jerry Hinkle, who would give his niece the following advice, "Don't touch the chickens. Don't even go near them if you can avoid it". OK, that was FFA, but he still has nightmares about that deal.

The Truth About MySpace

There was a report on the CBS Evening News, or as we call it, See BS Evening News, that the social network known as MySpace has found 29,000 sex offenders. This number was said with emphasis to make it seem like a lot. What was not reported was that MySpace has over 192 million members. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are quite sure that not all of them are sex offenders. We will concede that 29,000 is too many, but don't blame MySpace. That's like blaming E-Bay because your spouse bought some worthless crap with a credit card.

We Finally Get to the Refinery

The Hyperion Resources Refinery hasn't been talked about for a while, but we thought perhaps we could all put ourselves in Elk Point's shoes. Is this a chance to play an exciting round of NIMBY. So, how about it? Would you want to live next to a refinery?

If you lived in Elk Point, would you welcome the Hyperion Refinery?
Not only welcome it, but beg them not to change their mind
I'd need more information before I made up my mind
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