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Monday, July 23, 2007
How You Feeling? HOT HOT HOT!!!

The Temperature got up to 116 around the Ponderosa yesterday. More about that later. Agnes Hahn invited her grandson, Jerry Hinkle over to the Come Hahn Inn to celebrate his birthday. The menu was roast beef, potatoes, green beans, and a side salad with Dorothy Lynch Dressing. Or as Agnes calls it, "Nothing fancy". Don't kid yourself, Agnes did herself proud. Best of all, it was made with love. Jerry helped out too. He brought Twinkies so they could have Twinkies and root beer for desert (yeah, we know, but it's something). Jerry also helped with most of the heavy lifting. And hopefully he put the dishes in the dishwasher the right way. He did better at putting the clean dishes away this time. A little more practice, and he'll be almost house broken.

Jerry had a feeling he'd better get back home. Sure enough, one of the neighbor's cows got in another neighbors corn, and some were grazing the ditch. It took a while, but with God's help, he got the cows back in where they got out. When he got home he saw how hot it had been outside. In case you forgot, go back and read the top line. HOT!

Jerry went to the pool, and and called his brother Doug on the cell phone as he cooled off. Doug had just been coordinating the fire fighting effort at Box Elder. Pray for all of the fire fighters out there! They do great work!

Back in the South Dakota Groove

Mary Jo Nemec just got back from a trip to New York. She was visiting some relatives at their 60th anniversary party. The Groom, Max Noach, is a first cousin of her father, Mac Zilverberg. Max's mother was a sister to her Grandfather, Jake Zilverberg. Max and his wife are Holocaust survivors who Mary Jo says have some very interesting tales to tell. We may reprint an article about them tomorrow.

Goehring European Vacation

by Joan Hansen and Mary Hinkle

(We think)

Special Travel Correspondents

To the Holabird Advocate

We have had two full days of touring the fjords, and waterfalls, and waterfalls, mountains, and mountains. today we went to the glacier and some of us saw a chunk of it fall off and came down the mountain. We are eating fish three times a day, even fish soup, we all had reindeer for lunch today (no more Rudolph). All the food so far has been included in the tour. Everything here is very expensive. Norway is very expensive. Coke is $4.50. We had to dress up for dinner one night but the rest of the nights we have been going casual. Tonight's buffet is to have 50 plus different dishes to choose from. Lots of cheese and meats also. There are very small farms along the edge of the fjord before the mountain starts. A lot of fruits grown in this area. We think Ken has about 200 pictures of waterfalls on his camera. Enough is enough. Tomorrow we head to Oslo again and the end of the tour. The fjords are beautiful but enough is enough of that also. We have ridden a lot of ferries but over farten is not allowed. The signs over here are funny. Ken & Phyllis both have their own language way of reading Norwegian.

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