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Friday, July 20, 2007
In Search of...Shawn Cable

A day ago, we had an average of 48 hits per day. after posing the question "Where in the world is ...Shawn Cable?" we had 80 hits, pushing the average to 54 hits per day. As of now we are more than halfway to 80 again. Many of the hits come from Googlers asking the same question. Answers have not been forthcoming. There have been many speculations as to why Cable has disappeared. We did discover in our own search that Shawn isn't off the Keloland website altogether. Posts on the Forum section of the website mention him by name, or at least they did if they don't anymore. One suggestion of the many we've heard is that he was competing with Keloland on the side. One wonders if they mean this website: http://www.shawncable.com/

On behalf of all the people who are looking for Shawn Cable, we have this to say:


Och Du Lieber! A German Reader!

We may have to send Harold and Mary Hinkle abroad more often. This morning we found a new entry on the Holabird Advocate Guest Map. It was from someone named Clemens, who had this to say: "Greetings from Berlin. I'm the guide for the Goehrings in Berlin. It was a great pleasure to do that. I would say, I'm now a kind of subscriber of the Ponderosa Post." All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are glad that "The Happy Wanderers" as they call themselves are so adept at making friends. Maybe they can get their cousin, Signe, to write with some more stories of Knut and Gunda Haiwick. As for Clemens, perhaps a tour of the Hyde County area would be to his liking someday. Does Clemens know South Dakota has a palace made of corn? There's also a place in Brookings that doesn't charge $10 for a brownie sundae (at least we hope not)

Praying for Rain Again

Well, we have a unanimous result to tell you about. 100% of those surveyed say we need to start praying for rain again. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are hard pressed to disagree. After all, it's dryer than Sunday School Picnic out here. We're sure you all remember how. Getting on your knees is optional!

Reality Bytes or Does it Grind

by Jerry Hinkle

courageous dynamic Publisher

of the Holabird Advocate

There's no doubt about it, the TV Land channel has really stepped in something here. This time, that's a good thing. I usually don't like their original programing and wish they'd stick to showing us reruns. This time, I've made an exception. Their new "reality" show "Back to the Grind" has an interesting premise. Take a group of actors, put them in a situation where they are doing the job of their famous character, sit back and watch the fun. I saw Loni Anderson who played a receptionist at a radio station actually do that job is what we are told is real life. She did a pretty fair job. Erik Estrada of CHiPs didn't do so well has an actual California Highway Patrolman. Which was shocking, since he caught on so well last summer at the Muncie, Indiana Police department. The writers of this show should have watched that one before they wrote "Ponch" that way.

Next week, we see "George Jefferson" as a real dry cleaner, and "Florence" as a maid. What's next? "Cliff Clavin" delivering mail? "Lamont Sanford" driving a junk truck? how a bout "Captian Kirk" being in charge of a mission into space. OK, scrub that that one! Anyone else have an idea? Send it in, and I just may use it.

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