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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Where in the World is...Shawn Cable?
While all of us here at the Holabird Advocate were going about our business, Keloland has rid itself of weatherman, Shawn Cable. The exact circumstances surrounding his disappearance have not been made public. According to the Argus, Cable's contract was up at months end, and it was not renewed.
We're calling this a disappearance because we don't know where Shawn Cable is. Keloland has removed all traces of him from their website. Keloland has apparently had no comment over the disappearance because they don't comment on personnel matters. We all hope Shawn Cable turns up on TV somewhere else. Of course, there's always be a place for him at Prairie Deacon Media. We can't guarantee a steady paycheck, but we can guarantee him a voice. Wherever he winds up, we wish him well!
Doug Hinkle Plans Anchors Away
After a rather busy couple of weeks, Doug and his family are hoping for a little time off this weekend to go boating. The exact destination has not been made public, but we'd venture somewhere wet. Doug is coming over to the Ponderosa to pick up a boat. We don't know which one he'll be picking up. The "Last Chance" is handier to get to. "Homer's Odyssey", which is for sale given the right buyer, is not easily accessible at this time.
Judy Haiwick Checks In
The Holabird Advocate Circulation Department noticed that even though we expected her to be in Norway, someone from Northrup was reading us pretty faithfully. We figured Judy Haiwick either backed out or someone else there has the same good taste she does. as it turns out She and nephew Jim Myrvold are leaving Saturday for a full week in Stavanger, Norway. Judy also claims that by now we should understand why Knut Haiwick left Norway. He fell in love with a girl above his station, and she agreed to make a new life with him in America. As her cousin Signe says, "What a love story"! All of us here at the Holabird Advocate thought maybe it was because he didn't feel like paying $10 for a brownie sundae.
Judy also filled it some details of her dad, Ing Haiwick's service in World War I. Fortunately for him, the Armistice was signed his third day on the ocean, so he safely became part of the Army of Occupation in France, mostly supervising a crew of German prisoners of war on cemetery detail, because he could drive a team of eight mules. One wonders how long it would have taken Ing to find Osama bin Laden, or the WMD. Sadly, they don't make 'em like Ing anymore.
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle

We have picked up a couple more regular Readers. Someone from hamakercrop.com and another someone from deanhealth.com have been logging onto our little Newsblog every once in a while. They seem to be quite elusive, so I'll just say "Thanks for reading" and leave it at that.
Also, it looks like the revised FSA consolidation plan calls for Highmore to lose their office. At least that is the impression that the Huron and Highmore newspapers give me. I am keeping an open mind here and offer the Holabird Advocates "Open Line Friday" edition to both sides on this issue whenever some see fit to submit an opinion.

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