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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Lordy, Lordy! Guess Who's 40!

If you guessed Vin Diesel, you're right! If you guessed Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, that's also right. As of 7:38 am this morning, Jerry emerged North of 40. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate predict as time goes on, he will take Red Green's jokes about middle age just a little more serious. If you know at what time of the clock Jerry's twin brother, Vin, was born, feel free to let him know so he can find out who's older.

As for middle age, Jerry laughs at it. He plans on living to see 120. Jerry's life is not really half over, just 1/3 . Of course, Jesus could come and take us all home this afternoon. However it goes, Jerry is ready

This morning, Jerry had planned on going swimming in his birthday suit in honor of the day. A gentle rain followed by a visit from Darrel Hinkle and Leroy Scott put the King's X on that deal. Of course the day's not over yet, so remember the sun screen, Bub!

The best part of this birthday was that Agnes Hahn was discharged from the hospital and is on the way home as we go to print. Jerry would rather have had her coming home on Betty McDonnell's birthday, but this will do.

Goehring European Vacation

by Phyllis Ehlers

Edited slightly by the Publisher

We called Mom last evening. She sounded good and said that she hoped to go home either last night or this am. We were glad to be able to reach her from Oslo and she appreciated it also. Yesterday we had a free day so we (us 6 and Bert, Virginia, and Wyetta) toured Oslo on foot and saw things that are not on our agenda. We saw the King's palace, the Parliament, the wharf area with tour ships in the dock, an old castle and fortress, and we saw a few shops and a pub. There are few drunks here as beer is about $13 a 0.6 liter. I had a small cheesecake with fruit and Harold had a brownie with a little ice cream for approximately $10. What a deal! Won't be eating (out) much over here. Must go to breakfast now and grab the tour bus for today. Hope all is well with you.

North of 40: Big is good

by Red Green

I've had a chance to study many of the inexplicable aspects of male behavior throughout my life, and the one that continues to impress me is man's ability to stand and wonder at some amazing feat that has absolutely no practical application to life as we know it.
For example, there's an annual contest where men build huge catapults and then use them to see how far they can throw a Buick. I've never been there, but I'm guessing the spectators are predominantly male. Men will always choose magnitude over content.
Give us a huge fireball or an earth-shattering collision or even just a really loud noise, and we'll line up for tickets. We don't care about the long-term benefits. The more frivolous the huge thing is, the better we like it. Most men believe that no matter how useless something is, if you make it big enough, it becomes worthwhile. That's probably why most of us overeat.

Best Birthday Ever

by Jerry Hinkle

courageous dynamic Publisher

of the Holabird Advocate

Once again, I want to thank those of you who wrote, called or sent an e-mail to wish me well on this, my 40th birthday. I'm still amazed that there are people who still buy $2 cards and place 41 cent stamps on them, just for me. The Post Office loves you guys almost as much as I do. My mother ever wrote from Norway! I've also had some good e-cards that made me laugh, cry and one that made me think (That was the most dangerous one of them all). I'll never look at Twinkies and root beer quite the same way!

The big news of the day is that Campbell's Soup Company is going to fight obesity by not advertising to kids. WHAT! Campbell's Soup makes kids fat? Here I thought it was cookies, cake, candy and soda pop. You can tell I'm not a parent, eh!

Seriously now! The best part of today is that Grandma is coming home. Many of the weeks events are a blur since I went to her house and she told me the fire department was on the way over. I thought it was going to be a zip trip. You know zip to the hospital and zip back home. Boy was I ever wrong. Half a week later, I've come to see how valuable family is. Every day with Grandma is a precious gift. Something that can't be purchased with a $20 bill. Grandma was blessed to have so many people to help out when the time came. As someone told me earlier today, it was a team effort. Not just Grandma's family, but the ambulance crew, the doctors and nurses, visitors and phone calls. Even those who took as little as 5 seconds out of their day to pray for her. It tells us in Psalm 91 that God sends Angels to care for us. If any of you did what I've described here, I'd like to think God sent you to her to just that do that. And I thank you!

My birthday was always the start of Emorymas before. I've decided that this year's tribute will be on Saturday, Emorymas eve. That way those who care to can observe the holiday in their own way. As for me, I'm having a Cowboy Breakfast only with 1% milk because it's 10 cents cheaper than 2%. and don't even ask my about the Whole Milk! And by the way, if you have a photo of Grandad you'd like to include, email it to me by noon on Saturday. I have room for no more than 8 photos.
Now if you'll excuse me I have a swimming pool waiting for me!


Ahem! That's Holabird resident!
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