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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
SDWC Can't Be Bought
Tomorrow, Patrick Powers, known as the Professor, will become a father for the seventh time when his wife (who we'll call Mary Ann) will have labor induced. Those in the know are aware that tomorrow is also our courageous dynamic Publisher's birthday. He tried to bribe the Professor with a $20 gift to get him to name baby #7 Jerald Edward Hinkle Powers, but he wasn't getting the job done. It turns out that the Professor and Mary Ann don't know the baby's gender, and if they do, they're keeping quiet. Imagine being a girl and lugging our Publisher's name with you for the rest of your life. The good part of our Publisher failed bribery attempt is that now, he doesn't have to cough up the $20.
Praying for Mothers
Yesterday we read about Doug Lund's mother in law, Mary Trudeau, who has taken ill. His story has touched us, since our own Publisher has a grandmother in the hospital. We are all grateful for the prayers and other well wishes you Readers have sent concerning Agnes Hahn. Agnes is doing well, and expected to be back home either tonight or tomorrow morning. Let's see if we can do the same for Ms. Mary. Doug Lund tells her story here: http://blogs.keloland.com/blog/index.cfm?commentID=582
Get well quick Ms. Mary!
Goehring European Vacation
by Phyllis Ehlers
Special Travel Corespondent
to the Holabird Advocate
We arrived in Norway last evening and took the train to our hotel and got to our hotel about 1 am.We had a grand time in Berlin but no Internet access (too cheap to pay for it) so have not posted anything lately. They say no news is good news and that is true also from us. We did a lot of sight-seeing in Berlin and thanks to our guide, Clemens, we saw more in two days than we would have seen in four days on our own. We saw the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust memorial, the Checkpoint Charlie, Pieces of the Berlin Wall that remain, a memorial to the first German killed in the "No Man's Zone", libraries, churches, new buildings like the new galleria, Sony center, the Berlin Dom, the American Embassy, the Russian Embassy, and the English Embassy. Both the American Embassy building and the English Embassy building were heavily guarded and you could not even drive by them as the roads were closed off with barricades. We also ate at some excellent traditional German restaurants and enjoyed a beer or two in the beer gardens. We also saw the biggest store in German, the Ka-De-We and a sport store in the main shopping center in Berlin.We have ridden the bus, the underground train, and the railway while here in Germany so have experienced all sorts of travel. We also walked, and walked, and walked, and walked in Berlin till we thought we would drop (especially us sisters). We toured the grounds of the Schloss Charlotten also while in Berlin and learned a lot of the history of Berlin as Clemens is a native Berliner. He finished up his degree as a History major and is hoping to go to Chicago to get his masters. I can't even begin to tell all that we saw in Berlin. One of the churches that was bombed has been left the way it was, as a memorial, and new churches built nearby. Lots of street musicians (some not so good) and people posing as statues. We saw one dressed as a clown yesterday. We have, of course, taken lots of pictures so we hope we can tell what they are when we get home. Today we have a day on our own in Oslo. Bert and Virginia and Wyetta got here fine. We met Virginia while we were having breakfast (and a grand buffet it was). Sorry to hear that Mom was in the hospital in Pierre, hopefully she is home by now. We can just hear her say "tell the girls not to come home. I'm okay". It is Tuesday 1020am in Oslo.
Under Britches? Not Everybody Has 'Em
Well, we came close, but not everybody that reads our Front Page is wearing under britches. Only 92 % of those who took our survey actually bother with wearing unmentionables in their everyday life. A whopping 8%, however have something in common with Jesse Ventura, Sharon Stone, and anyone else who goes Al fresco. We don't know who these 8% are, but we won't be checking them for ticks anytime soon

that was a pretty good one.
Thanks Professor! All of us here at the Holabird Advocate do the best we can! All our best to you and Mary Ann!
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