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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Publisher Loses Cool on Friday the 13th

We don't believe in luck, good or back, but the only bad thing that happened around the Ponderosa yesterday was that for the first time in three days, Jerry Hinkle, courageous dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate had to turn on the air conditioner. The inside temperature got up to 80 degrees. Outside, it was around 92 at the heat of the day.

Starting tomorrow, the mercury is going to rise above 100. Jerry is seriously considering opening up the Ponderosa Pool again. The pool is free and open to the public. You can even get baptized if the spirit moves you.

Mavis Kennedy Finds Her Cool

Jerry Hinkle was surprised, and pleasantly so, when he got a call from his aunt, Mavis Kennedy, yesterday afternoon. She is enjoying the cool ocean breeze in Maui. Mavis thinks that Jerry would like it there because there are so many girls in skimpy bikinis that he wouldn't know where to start looking.

She also had to tell someone of the miracle they received earlier in the day. One of the girls left their purse behind on this stretch of beach that they decided to check out. About 90 minutes after they left that beach, she discovered the loss. They hurried back, praying that the purse would be there. It was! And the cash and credit cards were undisturbed. Good things DO happen on Friday the 13th. The Holy Spirit was around them the whole time.

The fun isn't over with either. Kassidee Kennedy got tickets to the Jim Gaffigan Show. Mavis told Jerry all about this guy, but he'd never heard of him. Jerry saw a little later that Comedy Central had one of his shows on tonight. He thought he'd check it out. If Kassidee recommends him, he must be good.

Pollmaster General Tied Up

The question we asked about who the better driver was ended with a tie. There were 27% that thought the male driver was it. Another 27% thought it was the female driver. The rest thought that both of them were the same. This is a happy ending for us, but the poll of "Power of 10"was of men. We expect different results.

One thing that the Holabird Advocate Readers saw back in January is that John McCain's Presidential bid is in Deep Do Do City. Now we learn that 50 of his staff were laid off, and two others quit. If this keeps up, and all of us here at the Holabird Advocate are sure that it will, he will have to fire some volunteers. Before that happens, he should lay himself off!

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