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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Publisher Gets Early Birthday Gift

Mary Jo Nemec will more than likely get the prize for the most original birthday present that Jerry Hinkle, courageous dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate, got this year. She gave him a Christmas card. A lovely photo of all of Nick and Mary Jo Nemec's daughters and their one and only son in law next to the telltale Christmas tree. Nice looking group! Some may take offense at Mary Jo's gift. This was not the case for Jerry. After all Mary Jo gave him a Krispy Kreme Kalendar last Christmas. Jerry also noticed that youngest daughter, Brigette Nemec, was the only one wearing a short sleeved shirt. Everyone else dressed warm. at least she covered up her belly button.
Geitzenauers Cut Visit Short
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are disappointed to here that the Geitzenauer family had to go home early. Especially because of the reason. Evy Geitzenauer caught strep throat! Not a pleasant thing to happen on one's vacation. We sure hope she gets well quick.

Goehring Family Vacation

by Phyllis Ehlers

Special Travel Correspondent

for the Holabird Advocate

Yesterday we left Balingen and then drove down to Lindau via Ulm where Harold was in the service and where Butch died. It was cold and rainy but we did get to see a lot of farmland in the area. We stayed last night in a beautiful gasthaus in Weissensee. Today we headed out and toured two castles and then went to a third castle of Ludwig II and just took pictures at the third. We drove through Austria a little bit and saw beautiful Alps. Then we went to Obergammergau and looked around a little before heading out to find a place to stay for the night.The Bavarian Alps are also beautiful. Breathtaking at times. We oohed and ahhed a lot as Larry drove through them. Thank goodness we have GPS system in the van to tell us where we are and where to go.
No Mexican Standoff
While a good portion of our Readers would look the other way should a Mexican citizen try to sneak into our country, 64% won't have it. The rest see nothing wrong with our Mexican brothers and sisters availing themselves of America's benefits. One wonders if the same results would be seen if someone from Canada were to do the same thing.

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