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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Heatwave Shuts Down Government?

We have heard reports that there was a government shut down in Washington D.C. because they were expecting a high temperature of 93 degrees. A Shut down means that non essential employees need not come to work, and W can work on his sun tan.

We investigated these reports by watching TV. C Span had no Senate coverage or House coverage when we looked, which wasn't long. We then turned to CNBC and discovered that the stock market was way up. This indeed meant that the Federal Government had shut down (That always happens during a government shutdown, seems like?). Then today we checked, and sure enough the Senate and House were blowing smoke up their respective chimneys. And guess what! CNBC showed that the stock market was down nearly 150 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Casualty in War on Cancer

The Jensen family report that Larry Jensen was to have his arm removed this afternoon in the hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma at about 1pm Holabird Time. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate send Larry and his family our best wishes and prayers at this time. Let's hope that this sacrifice will save his life.

Page to be Written off Tomorrow

After a wait of a little more than a year, Elijah Page is scheduled to die, barring the unforeseen, at 10 pm tomorrow evening Holabird Time. Page was sentenced to die by lethal injection for a murder that took place in 2000. If Mr. Page hasn't done so already, it is the fervent hope of many of us here at the Holabird Advocate that he comes to Jesus. It's not to late! There's still time! Mercy and pardon is waiting.

Goehring European Vacation

by Phyllis Ehlers

Travel Correspondent for the Holabird Advocate

We are doing what Pres Bush says we should be doing. We are staying the course. This am before leaving Freiburg we walked through a Farmer's Market near our hotel. It was beautiful and the produce and flowers were fantastic. We also walked through the old cathedral there and heard the organ which was impressive. Had no trouble (once we got out of Freiburg) and going up and finding the Goehring family ancestral homeland. We also found the church with some Goehring names on plaques in the church. We are now in Balingen for the night. We first stopped at Triberg where the home of the World's largest cookoo (could that be cuckoo)clock is located and of course took pictures. We also had tea and apple kuchen and apple streudel with whipped cream and ice cream for a lunch. Then a beautiful drive through the black forest (reminded us of the black hills) and farmland until we reached Erzingen. There was a detour on the way, and it rained on and off all of the day. In Erzingen we found what we believe was the church of our ancestors but it has been remodeled. There was, however, plaques on the walls with the Gohring name. No place there to eat or stay so we went on to Balingen for supper and found a hotel here for the night. Visited and checked email. Driving has gone very well when we know what road to take and where we are going. Our credit cards are not maxed out yet, so it will be awhile before we are home. If we need more money, we will call. We have taken lots of pictures but a lot of them involve beer and wine (eating and drinking) but we did manage to get some scenery also.

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