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Monday, July 09, 2007
Monday no Day of Rest

Jerry Hinkle should have rested more on Sunday. Instead, he stayed up past midnight watching a Britcom on Pioneer Public Television called "Last of the Summer Wine". Jerry thought it was "Lust of the Summer Wine". It's slightly funny show from the Producer of "Keeping up Appearances". There were a few familiar faces in the show. It shows promise.

Monday morning got off to an active start when he saw that one of the calves slipped underneath the pen and got out. That had to be what happened because the gate was locked shut. Either that or Darrel Hinkle opened the gate, got the calf out of the pen, and placed it on the other side of the pen. Darrel was much too busy to do that this morning. It took a lot of chasing the calf around the pen to get it back in. Jerry was more concerned about the other one getting out. Finally, Jerry yelled at the calf to "Get in that Pen in Jesus name". Jerry had to use the command twice, but the desired result occurred regardless. That's the nice thing about animals, they more willing to obey the will of God than people are.

After Jerry got back home he drank a lot of water and turned on the air conditioner. By 3 pm he was cooled off. That's when Darrel showed up wanting Jerry to help him get the combine ready to knock down some wheat. They had to charge the battery, blow out the radiator, thump the tires, all of which was OK. But when Darrel brought out the air conditioner refrigerant, Jerry started remembering what he was missing. A little while later, Darrel wanted to clean out his pickup and put his firefighting unit in there during "How I Met Your Mother". Is nothing sacred? Of course, it's all done now. Just in time for a 30% chance of rain tonight. Jerry will be all right if he just remembers one thing tonight. GET TO BED, BUB!!!

Fifty Years Down!

It was June 28, 1957. Ike was in the White House, Elvis was "All Shook Up" at the "Heartbreak Hotel", and E.E. Hinkle let the U.S. Army take his only son to Texas (like he had a choice, eh!). It was also on this date that the Ed and Barbara Nemec started their family by getting married (people used to do that a whole lot back then).

The Nemec story is rare. Mary Hinkle once said that being married for 50 years is easy. All one has to do is get married young and never get divorced. Obviously there is more to it than that. It helps to have love. Unconditional love that looks past the small stuff and brings an involuntary recall of why they got together. A love that says, "No matter what, I'm here, and you're here, let's make the most of it."

Ed and Barbara are blessed. They were blessed with a wonderful family that could do worse than to follow their example. Most of their children married well, some took longer than others, but better late than never.

Ed has always had this air of being a country gentleman. In his younger days he was as handsome as any of the matinee idles of his era. He looked distinguished. Like a Senator or Governor. He could have been one to if not for his honesty and integrity. Ed having set the example as a gentleman, Barbara is no less of a lady. She managed to install intomost of her daughters a love of teaching. In fact, as we understand it, one of her daughters drives 80 miles to her teaching job. One doesn't do that in this day and age without loving the high calling they have been given. She has her mother to thank for that drive and dedication. Gene Pastian informed our Publisher that another of daughter is a Professor at a place of higher learning. That's a big time teacher.

And so Ed and Barbara have much to be proud about. Each of the children, in their turn, when they celebrate their Golden Wedding might like to look back on this occasion and say "Thanks for everything!".

Geitzenauers Passing Through

The latest guests of the Come Hahn Inn Make Your Own Bed And Breakfast is the Geitzenauer family. Greg, Susan, Clare, and Evy Geitzenauer stoped by last night on their way to the Black Hills of Dakota. They left this morning for the last leg of the trip over. They will come back on their way home once they've seen all they want to see. Susan is one of Agnes Hahn's many grandchildren. It is not known when or even if Agnes will have a banquet in the honor of the visit of Susan and her family. If she does, it'll be an interesting menu.

Our Publisher loves to write about the Geitzenauer family for two very big reasons:

A. Because he loves to show off that after 11 years, he can still spell Geitzenauer correctly without a cheat sheet


2. It is primarily because of Susan that there is a Holabird Advocate. She deserves and and all credit that comes her way. But give Jerry the blame when things go wrong! Susan had noting to do with that.

Goehring European Vacation:

by Phyllis Ehlers


This morning we are going to pick up the rental car after breakfast. Same breakfast as yesterday. We will see how driving will go in Germany. Hopefully we will be able to get out of Frankfurt in one piece. Brenda emailed that we got an inch of rain Sunday during Brandon's game so it was rained out. It is a little overcast here today but was also yesterday but it cleared up nice after breakfast. Have a good day where ever you are and may the Lord bless and keep you until we meet again.
We finally made it to Freiberg. we checked out the car this am and had no problem getting to Heidelberg but we sure had a hard time getting back on the autobahn from Heidelberg. we went around in circles for hours it seemed. Finally we made it here about 4 pm and checked in with David and Nadja. They showed us around the town and the famous cathedral and got us a hotel room next door to the cathedral and it is very nice. Then we went out to eat with them at an authentic Frieberg brewery and had a good meal. Then we went to the wine tasting festival that happened to be going on this week. Had a good time wandering around and tasting the wine. everyone is in bed now except me and I will be shortly. Hope all is well

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