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Saturday, July 07, 2007
Publisher Sits on it

Mary Jo Nemec sent the home office a photo of the damage from that the last storm that passed through the Holabird area. Unfortunatly Bernie Hunhoff of South Dakota Magazine secured the right to the photo before we did, and we've been told to sit on the photo. Our Publisher intends to do just that until noon on Monday. That should give Mr. Hunhoff plenty of time to do something with the photo. When Mr. Hunhoff does what he will do check it out at: southdakotamagazine.com/

Nemecs Ring The Golden Bells

Tomorrow is the Golden Wedding celebration for Holabird's own Ed and Barbara Nemec. Their family will celebrate with a party so big, they had to move it to Highmore. Our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, will want to be there at 3 pm or before to see the program. It has been mentioned here before that the Nemec family is not lacking in talent. They have excellent musicians, singers, songwriters, speech makers and at least one nurse who listens. Jerry may even find out what Barney Nemec has been up to in the last 2-3 years.

Jerry offered to take his grandmother, Agnes Hahn to the open house, but that's too far from her air conditioner. Jerry just may find it's too far away from his as well. He'll bring his fabled bottle of ice water, just in case!

Goehring European Vacation: Frankfort

by Phyllis Ehlers, Special Travel Correspondent

to the Holabird Advocate

We arrived here in fine shape. The flights went off on time without a hitch and we got met at the airport and taken to our hotel. Today we are going out on a walking tour of Frankfurt and then out to supper. We haven't eaten since breakfast on the plane from Reykjavik to Frankfurt which was a chicken breast breaded and stuffed with ham and cheese OJ and coffee.
We arrived in Frankfurt about 1:00 and have just checked into our hotel. We had an uneventful flight-- all planes were on time and we got all of our luggage. We are going out to look at the city and find a local place to eat.

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