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Monday, July 02, 2007
Another Format Change

This month the good people at Blogger have "improved" our format here at the Holabird Advocate. It may take some getting used to, but at least it's still free. By the way, did you notice something about today. At noon, we got halfway through 2007. There were 182 days behind us, and now 182 in front of us. Neat, eh! Lindsey Lohan was going to turn 21 with a bash sponsored by an alcohol company. Today she turns 21 in rehab! You think God is trying to tell her something? Let's hope she hears the message!

Romance on the Prairie

Today is the day that every bull on the Ponderosa has been looking forward to for quite a while now. They were taken from their nice comfortable feedlot, where they were given generous amounts of corn and taken to the pasture where each of them have an average of 20 cows to socialize with, give or take. This is the longest in out Publisher's memory that the bulls had to wait for the courtship to commence. He could tell when he fed the bulls every morning that they wanted more than corn. It seems the reason for the delay is that Darrel wants to start calving on April 10.

Corrections and Apologies

Earlier we had reported that former neighbor and fellow blogger John Zilverberg placed 7th in the 100 yard dash. That was incorrect! John's brother, Dave Zilverberg informed us that it was the 400 meter dash where he placed 7th. Being the seventh fastest nonagenarian is nothing to sneeze at. Our Publisher is considerably younger than John, and he won't even walk 400 meters unless one forces him so to do.

Publisher Meets Hunter Mees

Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic, Publisher of the Holabird Advocate, managed to meet with Hunter Mees, his brother Houston, as well as Alan and Shannon Walls. They were on their way to look at the puppies at the Kutz Kennel. The group ran out of things to talk about after about 5 minutes or so. It was wonderful for Jerry to meet the family that he's heard so much about. He can't help but think that he has disappointed Hunter's family. After all, Jerry sets himself up to be this "Great and Powerful Oz" type, and when they meet him they discover he's really quite dull and ordinary. Not everyone can be a true hero!

Never Underestimate the Power of 10

This new Drew Carey project called "The Power of 10" sounds like an interesting concept. We're not sure how it works, but we can't wait to find out. In fact, starting tomorrow, we are going to start asking some of those questions of you, the Readers. So, do you think your smarter than W? Do you wear underwear? Are men better drivers than women? And of course, the real biggie, would you call the police if you caw a Mexican sneaking into the country? Granted, this is not a real problem in Holabird, but then neither is underwear or lack thereof! Think about your answers when these questions come up in the future!

You, in NO WAY, disappointed us! We were all so glad to meet you finally that I think it really hit us at that moment. You are a part of our family and always will be. I felt like I had so much to talk about that I didn't even know where to start!!! Plus, we knew we had to get over to Nancy's to get our new puppy.
Nancy is a very nice lady who sold us a sweet little westie/mini schnauzer that we quickly named Pebbles! Our trip to Highmore was well worth it. And now that we can put a face to your name it makes it much more fun to chat with you!!!
Thank you for being our friend!
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