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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Meeting Set For Sunday
Shannon Walls is a difficult woman to say no to (just ask her her husband). She has, for whatever reason made it her mission to get our Publisher and her family to meet up before the end of Summer. Said meeting is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 1. This time were about 95% sure it will take place. They will most likely meet at the Methodist Church in Highmore, barring the unforseen. The actual purpose of the trip to Highmore is to look at puppies. Shannon reports that her kids are so anxious to get a puppy that they are willing to spend their own money. They have read up on several different kennels, but because the Kutz Kennel is closest to Holabird, they want to take a look at what Nancy Kutz has. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that Nancy will give a little discount to Readers of our little Newsblog, or at least throw in a free chew toy. Providing, of course, that Shannon and the boys do buy something.
Dog Daze is Over for Now
Harold and Dianne Macek came up to the Ponderosa at about 7:30 pm last night to pick up the dog. Jerry Hinkle and the rest had been watching over her while the Maceks went to the Mayo clinic for a check up. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate believe that Harry looks as healthy as the next fellow. Of course we've never gone to Medical School, so what do we know. It looks like Faulkton is going all out for Independence Day this year. They start their celebration on Friday, June 29, and continue until at least Tuesday, July 3. Our Publisher wouldn't mind going up to Faukton, providing Brother Bill is home. Of course, it's been said that the Pickler House is nothing to sneeze at as well.
Professor Hansen Feeling Ill
A mysterious ailment has gripped different members of the Goehring family at different times. First it was Phyllis and Brenda Ehlers, then Joan Hansen, now Ken Hansen is in in the soup. How sick is he? He had to cancel a golfing appointment. Those close to Ken know how serious this is, and are thinking of calling the prayer chains in their respective churches. We suggest using Psalm 91 as a guide to any and all prayers for Ken.
North of 40:The code
by Red Green
There's a movie out now about the secret codes that the military uses to prevent the enemy from intercepting their messages. This is not an unusual concept. Husbands and wives have been communicating in code since the beginning of time. When an attractive woman moves in next door, your wife will say "Have you seen our new neighbor?" but she really means "I've seen our new neighbor, and I'll be watching you like a hawk." When your wife says "Does this dress look all right to wear to the party?" she's really saying, "I'd like you to start paying attention to me now, in the hopes that the pattern will carry over to the party so that our friends will see that although their marriages have become stale and repetitive, ours is still fresh and vibrant." And although you're thinking, "Wear any dress you want. You don't need me to tell you what to wear. And vice versa," what you say is, "Yeah, it's great. What should I wear?" And after you've been at the party for a couple of hours and your wife says, "I think we should go home now," you're thinking, "This is looking good," but what she really means is, "I think we should go home now." And when you get home and she says, "It's time for bed," what she really means is "Goodnight."

If you think it's hard to say no to me you should ask a few of the nurses at HRMC who tried to tell me they weren't going to give Hunter his meds through the IV!!! He would throw up instantly when trying to put anything in his mouth. Needless to say, a couple of those women would probably pass out if I ever were to accompany any of my children to the hospital again!
It wasn't very amusing at the time but when my husband Alan read what you wrote he cracked up and said, "you should tell him about those unsuspecting nurses in Huron."
I'll admit, it makes me have to laugh at myself and how I was a VERY hard person to TRY to say no to at the time.
Thank you for making me smile once again.
Your friend,
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