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Monday, June 25, 2007
Hinkle Gets Warm Welcome
Jerry Hinkle got two letters from DWU in today's mail. The President and the VP of Campus Life each sent their own separate little greetings to him, both welcoming Jerry into the institution. Jerry suspects that he'll feel really welcomed when he gets the bill. When the VP called Jerry some time back to see if she should recommend his acceptance, her primary concern was how he interacts with people outside his peer group. As it happened, she called while Jerry and his five year old nephew Justin Hinkle were in the middle of a very intense game of Monopoly. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate think she got her answer. Also worth noting is that the McGovern Library has a Monopoly set. Hopefully these students won't throw the dice on the floor and yell "RAT FINKY" because they have to go to jail.
Old Home Week Continues
Old Settler's Day was nice, and even fun, while it lasted. But thanks to a little help from Bob McKelvey, our Publisher was able to catch up with an old friend while they were both a few hundred miles away. Pastor Mark Holland of the Methodist Church in Gretna, Nebraska recently had an open house in his honor back in May to celebrate 30 years of ministry. Earthly cares kept all of us here at the Holabird Advocate from attending, but Bob made it down there through God's grace, and came back with some marvelous photos. Pastor Holland served the Highmore and Harrold Methodist Churches about 20 years ago. From the look of things he hasn't aged a bit in all that time. He told Bob that Jerry Hinkle, for whatever reason is one of the people that he thinks of from time to time. Boy,m could we tell HIM a few things!
Two Year Old Article Makes Impression
Harold Hinkle discovered that Del Van Zee, Owner of the nicest bed and breakfast in Miller, has read the Holabird Advocate at least once. We were not told when he last read it, but Mr. Van Zee related to Harold about the time he read about their new master bed at the Ponderosa. Our Archives show that was in July of 2005. Mr. Van Zee does know quality. After all, he married one of the Bezner girls. We believe her name is Ginger. If she's even half the cook her sister, Florence Straight, is, then he's really got something there.

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