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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hinkle's Celebrate Anniversary
It was was 44 years ago tonight that Harold and Mary Hinkle made a lifetime commitment to one another. It was a big gamble. After all, Mary's only Earthly possessions at the time were her Studebaker Lark and an accordion (she still has the accordion). Harold's wealth at that time consisted of a bicycle and a Good Conduct medal from the U.S. Army(he still has both, although it may take him a while to find either one). In their brief marriage, they've seen each other through many things: fire, flood, drought, and Republican farm policy. Along the way, all of us are sure that they may have at different times thought of giving up and going their separate ways. But that's not the Hinkle way! When they face hard times, Hinkles stick together. That's what makes them unbeatable when all is said and done. As for Mary's Studebaker, Harold is saving up to buy it back someday. Maybe he'll have it by their Golden Anniversary in 2013.
Ponderosa Pool is Open
With the mercury expected to reach the upper 90s, Harold, Jerry, and Justin Hinkle got the Ponderosa swimming pool out of storage and filled with water. good thing too. the temperature got up to 103 degrees today. Shelby Hinkle joined Justin for some summer fun in the sun this afternoon, after both applied sun screen of course.
The pool is open to the public, bit the public may find swimming in a pool with grass and dead bugs to be a bit disturbing. Still, it's free, unlike that $400,000 pool in Highmore. But like the feller says, you get what you pay for.
Freeze Burg Makes Comeback
One time, when Jerry Hinkle was watching over his brother Darrel's kids, they were becoming listless. They needed something to do, or they were going to start fighting with each other. He told every story he could think of and tryed to think up games for them to do. Then inspiration hit. He had them wave one hand, then both hands, then both hands and one foot... Well, everyone who grew up in Keloland knows the routine. Captain 11 really had something there. The only flaw in the game was that Justin Hinkle must be a statue made of bitter, because he kept melting. Yet when Justin and Shelby Hinkle came to the Ponderosa today, Justin said, "Let's play Freeze Burg". He must like the challenge or something!

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