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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Publisher May Go Green
Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate is considering doing something that only just a few years ago he would have considered unthinkable. He is thinking seriously about leaving the Democrats and joining the Green Party. Jerry has signed up for their propaganda newsletter. If he likes what he reads he could take the leap.
It has become incredibly obvious to Jerry that the Democratic Party has sold itself as the lesser of two evils for too long. It is no longer the Party of FDR, Truman, and JFK. It is no longer the Party of the high ideals that E.E. Hinkle held in his heart all of his life. As for why the Green Party, well, Jerry's not quite ready to join the Republicans. He still has SOME pride!
Mavis Kennedy Can See Hawaii
Mary Hinkle reports that Donna Kennedy has invited her mother in law, Mavis Kennedy, on a trip to Hawaii. Donna is also taking her daughters, Kassidee Kennedy, Danielle McMillan, and Britnee Kennedy, on the trip. No guys allowed! How will George get by? He'll find a way!
George and Mavis had to leave the Ponderosa on Sunday so she could keep an eye doctor appointment. Mavis reports that her eyes checked out alright. Not everyone can celebrate good vision by going to Hawaii. Mavis has indeed been blessed beyond measure!
They're going to Maui, but all of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope they'll send us a picture of Waikiki Beach if they can.
Ed Wallis Visit Delayed
It appears that Ed Wallis may not get over to the Ponderosa. That is, not in the immediate future anyway. The exact cause of his delay is not known. We knew he had trouble getting a flight to Pierre this month. He was also taking into consideration that Harold and Mary Hinkle will be gone during most of July. Of course, there's always next summer.
North of 40:Loss of fragility
by Red Green
As we get older we start losing the nervousness of youth. We gain confidence and self-assurance and aren't easily affected by the opinions of others. If you're wondering if you've reached this stage yet, here are a few signs to watch for:
No tie is too ugly for you.
You get your hair "cut" rather than "styled."
Your horn wears out before your brakes.
You shun activities that require skill or energy.
At a Karaoke Bar, you get up more than once.

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