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Monday, June 18, 2007
Highmore's Cup Overflows
Psalm 23 reads in part, "My cup overflows". The writer of that Psalm may have had their cup outside on a rainy day like Highmore had during the Old Settlers Day Parade. It rained so much that the king and queen, Ardis Aasby and Louise Henderson Moss Hjordt, were not riding in the parade. They were not alone as the marching band and most of the high school reunion classes were noticeably absent. Fred Winnans of the class of 1956 was apparently in a class by himself, as we was alone on his class float. The Pioneer Garage float had some candy left over so they drove through on Iowa Avenue later on the afternoon throwing candy, and having fun doing it too.
Depending on who you ask, the Highmore area had anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain on Saturday. Closer to home, the Ponderosa had a total of 3.55 inches of rain this weekend. E.E. Hinkle's basement overflows as well.
The Hinkles and Kennedys enjoyed the holiday weekend. Jerry Hinkle walked more that day than he has in the last month. We won't report on all of the new friends he made and the old friends that he got reacquainted with, as we may miss someone. We can report that there were quite a few this weekend who were bound to complement Jerry on our little Newsblog. Jerry was disappointed that he never ran into Rita Sporrer. He was able to meet the husband of Rita's sister Helen Melbourn. Jerry forgot his first name, but thinks it's John. He's a real nice guy with good taste at any rate. Also Kay Lynn Neiss was very complementary, as were Highmore's Mayor Viki Day and First Gentleman Roger Day. Someone at City Hall level had permanently linked the city's website to the Holabird Advocate. A very great gesture considering all the blogging talent that is willing to call Highmore "home". Perhaps City Hall is waiting for them to last 5 and a half years like we have.
Jackie Quinn Books Delivered
It took a while, but Come 2 Jesus Ministries has received it's shipments of Jackie Quinn's book, "At the End of Myself". The books are small, considering the price of $15, but they are packed with information and inspiration. Jackie tells a very powerful message Jerry Hinkle can't wait to start reading his copy.
Had Enough Rain?
With all the rain in the area, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate were wondering if it's time to stop asking our Father in Heaven for rain on the plain. Some may have already stopped on their praying for rain on their own. So the Pollmaster General asks what you think. We had originally planned to ask about the Hyperion Resources "Gorilla" Project. Perhaps another time!
Should we stop praying for rain?
Why not? I have!
No way! We still need more!
Perhaps just say "Thank you, Jesus!" and wait a while.
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