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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Happy Birthday Megan
Megan Vogel (pictured left)turns 22 today. We have no happy little song for her. Just warm wishes for many more happy birthdays. If you'd like to pass on your own good wishes to our favorite basketball player, go to her blog at blogs.argusleadermedia.com/sports/category/sdsu/megan-vogels-blog/
Ringing the Golden Bells
They may not be putting on their old grey bonnet with the blue ribbon on it, or driving to Dover, But Ed and Barbara Nemec will be celebrating their Golden Wedding Day on July 8. Someone has organized a celebration at St. Theresa's Hall in Highmore from 2-5 pm. The part our Publisher is looking forward to the most, however, is the program at 3pm. The Nemec Family is not short on talent. They have singers, musicians, speech makers, maybe even a dancer or two.
Also celebrating 50 years are Larry and Esther Weidenbach. That celebration is tonight. None of us here at the Holabird Advocate have the slightest idea what they are doing to celebrate, but we are going to have fun finding out.
South Dakota Songbook
Old Grey Bonnet
On the farmhouse veranda,
There sat Silas and Miranda,
Thinking of the days gone by.
Said he 'Dearie, don't be weary,
You were always bright and cheery,
But a tear, dear, dims your eye.
Said she 'They're tears of gladness,
Silas, they're not tears of sadness,
It is fifty years today since we were wed.
Then the old man's dim eyes brightened,
And his stern old hear, it lightened,
As he turned to her and said:
Chorus:Put on your old grey bonnet
With the blue ribbon on it,
While I hitch old Dobbin to the shay,
And through the fields of clover,
We'll drive to Dover,
On our golden wedding day.
It was in the same old bonnet,
With the same blue ribbon on it,
In the old shay, by his side,
That he drove her up to Dover,
Through the same old fields of clover
To become his happy bride.
The birds were sweetly singing
And the same old bells were ringing,
As they passed the quaint old church where they wed,
And that night when the stars were gleaming,
The old couple lay a-dreaming,
Dreaming of the words he said:
Chorus:Put on your old grey bonnet
With the blue ribbon on it,
While I hitch old Dobbin to the shay,
And through the fields of clover,
We'll drive to Dover,
On our golden wedding day.
Pollmaster General Analysis
Although one may not realize it, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate have learned quite a lot from the latest Pollmaster General that we did. First we learned that the number of undecided Readers have gone down drastically. Also in the last six months, Hillary Clinton and Jerry Hinkle are looking less Presidential. The good news for Barrack Obama is that his numbers went up ever so slightly, while the number of possible candidates increased. And don't count out Fred Thompson. He's the only candidate that beat out the undecided number. Read the results for yourself.
June Votes
Hillary Clinton 0%
John McCain 0%
Barrack Obama 21%
Rudy Guliani 3%
John Edwards 14%
Fred Thompson 28%
Al Gore 7%
Karl Krueger 0%
Jerry Hinkle 3%
Ask me in 6 months 24%
January Votes
Ask me next year 47%
Hillary Clinton 7%
Barrack Obama 20%
Jerry Hinkle 26%
John McCain 0%
One thing is for sure, Jerry Hinkle better stick to chasing co-eds in 2008!

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