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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fishing Good in the Neighborhood
The Zilverberg family got together for some fishing fun. Daniel Zilverberg snapped a picture of Mary Jo Nemec with the first fish of the day as her uncle Dave Zilverberg looks on proudly. It was a Small Mouth bass that they couldn't keep (cussed GF&P anyhow).Of course, you can't go fishing without a fish fry afterward. Well, you can, but the Zilverbergs didn't. It was at the fish fry that someone shot a picture of the remaining Zilverberg Brothers: Jim, John, and Dave Zilverberg.
Harold and Mary Hinkle were curious as to where all these fish were caught. Mary Jo is keeping that secret for the time being. Maybe she is planning to go back there again someday.
What's Cooking in Holabird
Mock Prime Rib #1
by Joan Hansen
3-4 lb rump roast
1 can beef broth
1 pkg Au jus seasoning (dry)
1 pkg good seasons Italian dressing dry mix
Directions:Put roast in crock pot...
mix all other ingredients and pour over roast...
cook 6-8 hours on medium. Delicious!
Jim Nabors Turns 77? Shazam!
Well, Golly! Today is Jim Nabors' 77th birthday. Yeah sir, ol' Gomer Pyle USMC his own self. We could have celebrated with the Marines Hymn. But today's South Dakota Songbook pays tribute to the episode of "Andy Griffith" entitled "Gomer the house guest". We encourage everyone to make up their own verses too. After all there's a lot of things that a no account mule can do, "All day long", eh!
South Dakota Songbook
No Account Mule
No account mule, Kickin' on a tin can,
kicking' on a tin can, kickin' on a tin can.
No account mule, Kickin' on a tin can,
all day long.
A no account mule, Sitting' on a mountain,
Sitting' on a mountain, Sitting' on a mountain,
No account mule, Sittin' on a mountain,
all day long.
OH! No account mule, Eatin' on a haystack,
Eatin' on a haystack, Eatin' on a haystack,
No account mule, Eatin' on a haystack, all day long.

We were down at Ft. Thompson above the damn. The kids caught more fish off the boat dock than we did on the boat.
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