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Monday, June 11, 2007

New Nemec in Holabird
When Mary Jo Nemec reported that there was another member of the family, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate thought somebody was married or pregnant. Turns out to be a new puppy, who is pictured here with Bridgette Nemec. He is a purebred Kelpie. They claim that he's a cow dog, and we'll not dispute it. Either way, Nick should be happy. This new addition to the family increases the male population on the Nemec Ranch.
Mary Jo must have forgotten to tell our Publisher the name of the new pup when she was giving out free medical advice at the Vlcek's Food Center. Her advice: gaining weight gets rid of wrinkles. We should try that some time!
Mary Jo also had a picture of the Zilverberg Brothers at the family fish fry, but she didn't tell us who caught the first fish, the biggest fish, and the most fish.
Gas Prices Lower, Still Above $3
The price of gas in Highmore is anywhere from $3.07-$3.15. In spite of this, there is a better than average chance that many Holabird residents will make their way over to Highmore for the big 125th anniversary jubilee.
People are coming from out of state, too. George and Mavis Kennedy are starting out for the Ponderosa tomorrow. Ken and Jo Hansen will be arriving at the Come Hahn Inn Make Your Own Bed and Breakfast on Thursday. Larry and Phyllis Ehlers will be there sometime either late Thursday night or early Friday morning.
Anyone curious about what's going on during the Old Settler's Day celebration just go to the Highmore Homepage at http://www.highmore.org/ . Who knows? You might find something fun to do if you look long enough!
Memo to Parisites: ENOUGH ALREADY
by Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic
Publisher of the Holabird Advocate
Ray Stevens said it best, " I'm well informed as most things go. But there's just some things I don't wanna know!" This is precisely how I feel about Paris Hilton and the media machine that keeps her in the public eye.
It might be different if she was pretty, or had and talent to speak of. But from the get-go she's been this joke where the punchline isn't funny in the least. She can't act, she can't sing, and people who claim to have seen her video tell me she can't do something else, which we won't discuss because there are ladies present.
And before Marcy chimes in wondering why I hate Paris, I'll tell her straight up I don't hate her or anyone. I just wish she would get straightened out in a way that didn't involve me having to look at her on my TV or Internet.
There is one encouraging sign. by all reports she is having a hard time in jail. That must mean it's working. The rehabilitation, that is. Perhaps she'll think twice before she breaks the law. And all of you Parisites that look to her to be your role model will do the same.

I couldn't agree with you more about miss Paris. She's a horrible role model and she destroys everyone and everything she touches.
Completely on your side!!!
I too am sick of hearing about Paris Hilton and her woes. The same way I got sick of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith. Quit whining and be responsible for your lifestyle!
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