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Saturday, June 09, 2007
Mr Hinkle Goes To Washington
No, our Publisher has not been appointed to the Senate YET! His brother Doug Hinkle is going to D.C. with about 14 other guys looking for disaster relief money. Doug is going on behalf the State of South Dakota. While the others are representing their own county governments.
Our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, is running for President, but it looks like he is losing ground according to the Pollmaster General. Perhaps the Senate would be more his speed. Look out, Tim Johnson!
Another Door Opens
Before Jerry Hinkle gets in the Senate, he'll have to start Dakota Wesleyan University. This is the Year of the Open Door. And for Jerry, a lot of doors have opened up. He is on the way to DWU this fall because that door was opened. He hasn't found an apartment yet, but that door will be opened in time. And now, possibly because of Howard Brown's influence, there is a group of people interested in providing "a small stipend" toward Jerry's tuition at DWU. More on this when details become more concrete. We will say this: if this does happen John Deere may be the official tractor of the Holabird Advocate. Just make sure it's an "A" John Deere, Bub!
Driving Mr. Ed?
Harold Hinkle's cousin, Ed Wallis, was hoping to borrow a car to drive to Mitchell. Harold is considering driving Ed, as well as Mary and Jerry Hinkle to Mitchell so they could do some multitasking. Harold seems to think that Jerry needs to find and rent an apartment two months before he starts DWU. It's just too bad that they could make the trip when Brule appears in concert at the Prehistoric Village Near Mitchell. Jerry has heard many good things about the group, as well as seeing them in TV ads for their performances.
The Stages: One Year Later
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous, dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
Last year, I promised to chronicle my own journey through the stages of grief after Grandad died. At the time, I thought I could catch them as the came. When we got that card from the funeral home, I started almost involuntarily looking back. So here is what I believe to be my journey through the 5 Stages of Grief.
Denial: I could not deny that the death occurred, since I watched it happen. I was with Grandad until the end, just as I promised him I would be. I did, however deny that I was upset about it. I do still feel his presence with me as though he's looking over my shoulder.
Anger: I was mostly upset with those who kept telling me how sorry they were about Grandad. I was also upset with those who were trying to comfort me when I really wasn't all that upset. They all meant well, but at times it was a little much. Of course, it was their loss too. Luckily all of that was over in a couple weeks time.
Bargaining: Well, as previously mentioned, I had relatives who were so anxious to get me into DWU, they darn near boxed me up and sent me COD. I finally told them to let it be for a while and let me enjoy the time I have left here. With some that worked. Others were bound and determined to make sure it wasn't enjoyable.
Depression: Certain times of the year brought this on. Everything was a "first". The first Old Settler's day without Grandad, the first 4th of July, Emorymas,Thanksgiving, Christmas, ETC. I felt bad mostly because he would be celebrating 105. I realized, however, that he really didn't enjoy his last two Emorymas celebrations as much as his family did. The fact that he was at peace during his 104th was comforting.
Acceptance: There really wasn't anything for me to accept. I had no choice in the matter, after all. I guess when one truly accepts Jesus, everything else comes together after a while. The one thing we all must accept is that sooner or later, we'll be next. Not everyone is given 103 years. Del Fischer only got 62. Was he ready to go? I have no idea. But he went. It's not fair, but it is the way it is.
People grief in different ways. There were times I wanted to be with family and friends. there were also times I wanted to be alone. There were times I wanted both at the same time. It takes time to straighten it out. Some take more than others. I'd like to help others if I could. If only I knew how.

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