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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Severe Weather Looms
The Hyde County Area could be in for some rather interesting happenings as far as weather goes. Keloland has reporting crews in Highmore and Pierre, just waiting for the storm to hit the fan, or Stephan. Harold Hinkle is keeping a watchful eye on the sky in Holabird as well.
Newsblog Links to Highmore
The Holabird Advocate Circulation Department reports that someone from Highmore, South Dakota's website logged on to our little Newsblog. Since we believe that one good turn deserves another, here is their website: http://www.highmore.org/.
Help Wanted:Bat Boy
While he was at Dakota Wesleyan the other day, Jerry Hinkle met someone involved with the DWU Baseball team. The official told him that they don't have any bat boys for the upcoming season. Jerry managed to get in a mention of Hunter Mees, one of their former bat boys. The official was real quiet until Jerry mentioned that he was a pen pal of Hunter's mother, and had yet to meet Hunter. It was at that point that Jerry was told that he really should make an effort to do so, because his life would never be the same. While Jerry believes that, he is doubtful that Hunter would enjoy the novelty of meeting him.
Whether or not Hunter wants to try out as a bat boy, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate hopes he has been doing well and has a great summer. He deserves it!
North of 40: Setting the bar
by Red Green
Children have been rebelling against their parents since the beginning of time. In order to establish their own identity in the family, they feel they have to indulge in behaviors and attitudes that are not enjoyed by their parents. So if you have teenagers that you care about, I recommend that you have your entire back tattooed, get some jewelry riveted to your face, wear your pants around the knees and never use a sentence that doesn't feature the f-word. Sure it may upset the other executives who work at your office, but you'll be forcing your kids to choose normalcy as their declaration of independence.

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