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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Publisher Gets Registered
Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate, got up early Monday morning to the registration session at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell. Jerry was one of 36 people who managed to get to the session at 8:30. Each were welcomed into DWU several times that morning by several different people, many of whom were donating their time because they only work during the 9 month school year. The main theme that everyone stressed was "You can do it".
The new students were encouraged to attend classes, which sounds corny but most of the academic problems that students run into are mostly due to poor class attendance. They were also encouraged to take a class on Humor that the University offers. Jerry didn't get in on that one. He also discovered that DWU does not have a course on ethics where the lecture is provided by episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show". The classes he did sign up for are Philosophy of Life, taught by the legendary Professor Marvin Miller, who had better live up to the tremendous hype they give him, and Classics in Christian Thought, taught by Jerry's new best Friend, Campus Pastor, Brandon Vetter. He also signed up for World History, Intro to Public Service, and Intro to Theater. Each of those are taught by someone that Jerry has never heard of. Of course they may not have heard of him either.
Jerry's class schedule gives him plenty of time in the afternoon and weekend to work part time as soon as he finds a job to work at. The Student Success Center has never failed in finding a job for student who want to work . There is also the detail of finding an affordable apartment. Most of the apartments run $200-$300. Of course, there is also the YMCA. Jerry will worry about that in August if need be.
Happy Birthday from Menards?
While Jerry was busy getting registered and drooling over all the pretty co-eds, Harold and Mary went to Menards to collect their respective birthday gifts. They each got a new set of cutlery. The sets were not all that fancy, but they were free. One is reminded of the saying "You get what you pay for." They also went to Walmart while they were waiting for the all important phone call from Jerry, telling them he was done with the registration process.
Lunchtime Surprises
Jerry got a call on his cellphone yesterday, while the Hinkles were on the way to KFC. It was his niece, Brittany Hinkle who was calling from Mary Hinkle's cell phone. She was on her way to bible camp in North Dakota. She was having trouble finding her parents, and needed to talk to someone. As it happens she didn't have much to say. She did get to go for a helicopter ride, which is something that her uncle has no stomach for.
While at KFC, Jerry talked to the Kolda family of Polo, and was glad to here that their processing plant is bigger and better than ever. The Hinkles each had the buffet, but Jerry only went through he line twice. He had a little trouble with a nervous stomach, drinking five cups of coffee didn't help much. Oh well, the doctor did say to lose weight! Mary Hinkle had a little stomach trouble today, which she blamed on the chicken. If Harold Hinkle is suffering, he's doing so in silence, which is not like him at all. He got home in time for "Two and a Half Men", so he really can't complain too much.

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