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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Tale Of Two Graduates
Mary Jo Nemec sent us this picture of her daughter, Erin Nemec, who graduated from High school a little more than a week ago. She is pictured with Jacob Moser, who it appears has graduated from something himself here. Jacob was in Kindergarten with Shelby Hinkle. Maybe he graduated from that. We know Shelby did, because that's all she talks about.
Army Celebrates With Holabird Advocate
Someone in the Army decided to celebrate Memorial day by reading the Holabird Advocate. We know they were Army, because their computer came from here:forscom.army.mil/. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate were honored that of all the websites they could have chosen to celebrate with, we were one of them that were chosen. You guys are doing great work.
Keep it up!
Hinkles Head Home
It's been quite a while since Harold and Mary Hinkle left for Wyoming to attend Tamera Peterson's wedding. Some of us wondered out loud if they went on the honeymoon. It has finally been confirmed that Harold and Mary are on the way home, and are expected back at the Ponderosa sometime tonight.
They have been unable to stay in contact with home because Upton, Wyoming is in an area that sounds like cell phone hell. Harold's cell phone couldn't connect until Enning. Perhaps they need a PUC chairman like Dusty Johnson out that way. Too bad! They can't have him!
Kevin Zilverberg: A Different Kind Of Soldier
by Jerry Hinkle,
courageous dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate
There is a different kind of War on Terror being fought in this world. It is being fought without guns and bombs. It is a war being fought with Word and the Spirit. It is a war that Kevin Zilverberg, as well as the men and women like him, will be fighting every day.
At Kevin's reception, there was a lot of good natured ribbing between the Lutherans and the Catholics, but the Lutherans are not who Kevin is fighting. He's not even fighting the Methodists, Universal Lifers, or even the Jews. He is fighting Satan!
Much like our friends in the U.S. Army, when Kevin puts on his "uniform" there is an invisible target on it. Like the Army, it's because of the side with which he is fighting that he is being targeted. He may or may not get shot at. One thing is for sure Satan will be using ever nasty trick at his disposal to dispatch Kevin. Like Jesus before him, Kevin will be tempted. Satan will promise him anything it takes to defeat him. The life Kevin has chosen will be difficult, but not impossible, to live.
The other day, my mother was discussing Dad and me what kind of gift we should give Kevin for his ordination. I jokingly asked, "What do you give a guy who has taken a vow of poverty? Plenty of nothing?". Now I know what I can give him. Prayer is the answer. Kevin will have need for it in the days ahead. Not just in the tough times, but also when things seem to be going well. This is especially true considering he is being sent to the cesspool that is Sioux Falls. Join me in praying for Kevin if you aren't already doing so. We are always being told adopt a soldier, so why not adopt a priest too!

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