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Monday, May 28, 2007
Publisher Gets Churched Out
It's been said that too much of anything is bad. In most things, that may be true. Jerry Hinkle, courageous dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate managed to attend four different church services in one day. He showed up late for two of them, but better late then never.
Jerry did find the Catholic church in Harrold after a few wrong turns. He made it in time for collection, so her dropped a "late fee" in the basket. Jerry should have asked for the service time of the mass as well as directions. Oh well, it was an adventure. He also found out gas is more expensive in Harrold than in Highmore. It's not their fault though. We blame Cheney!
Service number two was at the Methodist Church in Highmore. He had planned on leaving Mass early to make in on time, but after showing up late thought better of it. Jerry obeyed the speed limit between Harrold and Highmore, but noticed two others who did not. Besides serving as greeter, Jerry was to give the invocation to the service in case Kristi Hinkle ran late. She did not (Thank you Jesus)! Kristi's sermon was very well received by the 29 people in attendance. They gave her a standing ovation. She did herself and the whole Hinkle family proud.
Jerry went to the Come Hahn Inn to relax a while before Kevin Zilverberg's reception. For that, Jerry was early (surprise surprise). Agnes Hahn told him that Tracy Lennick had some plane trouble on the way to Fort Sill. Seems he went to Oklahoma from Sioux Falls by way of Chicago. He had a few delayed flights to contend with, and according to Agnes had to finish the trip by bus. Hopefully he is there by now.
The Zilverberg reception was very well organized. Jerry was seated at the Protestant section with the Lutherans. The Polled Hereford beef was so good, Jerry went back for seconds. All he gets at home is Angus beef, which is good enough for him. The reception was a good place to meet up with all of the neighbors. Kathy Zilverberg introduced Jerry to a couple of our latest Readers, her parents, Gary and Fay Gardner from Eden. They were both very complementary. It's so nice for him to meet people who "get it".
With so much going on, Jerry was late for the church service at the Highmore Healthcare Center. Even at that, Mrs. Kelly let him have ice cream. Both she and Pastor Max Kelly did such a good job that a couple of the residents thought they needed to be paid, which they politely declined. If anyone should have paid, it would have had to have been Jerry. Otto and Esther Butzman were very pleased to see him after an absence of almost two months. They told him that Roger Hanson had taken a fall at the grain elevator. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate sure hope that he feels better soon.
After slowly making his way home, Jerry watched the Aberdeen Baptist Church service on "The Christian Worship Hour". It had been prerecorded, so there was no way to be late for that service. He fried a burger on George III while they were singing. We don't know what kind of beef was in the burger. Whatever Vlceks were wrapping up the day it was bought.
Changes at the Holabird Advocate
We have decided to be less strict with the kind of posts we accept in the comments section. Our Publisher still will not accept profanity, but we'll be less harsh concerning anonymous posters. This does come with a caveat. If there is not at least a first name on the post, we will assign the name of Marcy Rhodes D'arcy to the poster.
Wait and See for Senator Johnson
The Pollmaster General has shown a definite lack of confidence in Senator Tim Johnson. Of those surveyed, 46% think he should not seek reelection next year. Only 15% think Johnson is ready for another six year term. The rest would rather wait a year before they decide his fate. Let's not rush this thing, though. A lot can happen in a year. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that Senator Johnson continues to improve, no matter how slowly those improvements happen.
John's Still Online
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
This may be a good time to clear up a few misconceptions about this website, and that of John Zilverberg's. They are different. I have never published any of his material, but I have promoted it whenever I could. I didn't even get him started. We can thank his grandson, Seth, for that. He, like most good bloggers, has to wait for inspiration before he writes anything. A lot of you have asked where his site is, and so here is his address: http://johnzilverberg.blogspot.com/

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