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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Zilverberg House Burns Down

All it took to burn down the house where Mary Jo Nemec grew up was a match and an old Highmore Herald. This is how Mary Jo's husband, Nick Nemec, described the origins of the conflagration. This house was home to the Mac Zilverberg family for many years. Like Mac and Katherine, this house is now just a memory. The fire was a controlled burn that started this morning. At about 11 am Harold and Jerry Hinkle, and Kody LaFortune noticed that something was up. The Valley Township Fire Department were ready for action had the fire got out of control. No fuel of any kind was used to aid the blaze. Not at these prices anyway.

Tracy Gets Tested

Earlier this week, our Publisher was watching the episode of "Andy Griffith" where Gomer became a Marine. Yesterday, Tracy Lennick flew to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to become part of the National Guard. Like Gomer Pyle, Tracy is going to be tested to see what kind of man he is. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are reasonably sure he'll do well. He volunteered for this, which shows that he thinks he's ready. That alone has caused us to look at him with a great deal of respect. It's easy for Lee Greenwood to sing about Standing next to the Men who dies to give freedom. And Tracy is certainly doing more than singing about it today. Do us proud, Kid!

Well, I have mixed feelings about this........sad to see it go, and yet fire is purifying and cleansing in it's way. Burn up all the old junk, papers and mouse turds and leave only the memories.
The view from my south window will be forever changed. But as that great philosopher, Bernie Hunhoff, would say, "Change is inevitable, negative change is not."
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