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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Hinkle Awarded Scholarships
In today's mail, Jerry Hinkle received a letter from DWU informing him that he has been awarded $17,660 in grants and scholarships. He now has until May 29 to sign and return the enclosed form or it all goes away. For Jerry, it is put up or shut up time. He's not too good at either one. He'd better learn quick!
War on Cancer Updates
Imogene Edinger of Highmore needs reinforcements. We've been informed that she is not good. Imogene is with her daughter in Spearfish. Pray for her and her family!
Also Mark Etsen is preparing to leave his house of clay and go to his heavenly home. Please pray that God will guide him and his family through this difficult time in their lives.
Also pray for the Jensen benefit in Highmore tonight. Those who can afford the gas could come down and give whatever they can to help Larry in his fight. Mary Hinkle is planning to donate one of her "Paris Hilton with Morals" handbags to the silent auction.
Pollmaster General: Time for Tim?
It's been knocked around lately by both sides of the political arena that perhaps Senator Tim Johnson should pack it in and not run for reelection next year. So we're gonna put it to the Readers. What do you think? Should Johnson run? Should Johnson retire and open the seat up for someone else? Perhaps you'd like to tell the vultures in the media to wait a year before they pick his bones clean.

Should Senator Tim Johnson not seek reelection next year?
Yes! He needs to take care of himself
No! He can still do a lot of good for our state and nation
Ask me next year
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