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Monday, May 14, 2007
Reports from the War on Cancer
There have been reports that Mark Etsen of Fontana, California is entering hospice for what is being called home comfort care. He is not in the best shape physically, and barring a miracle from on high, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate expect that he's looking at Daniel Scenario #3. Pray for him, his wife, Laura, and their 5 children.
Closer to Holabird, Larry Jensen is having a benefit given in his honor this Thursday, May 17 at the East Wing of the Auditorium in Highmore. It is to be a supper with silent auction. On the menu is BBQ sandwich, salad, beans, and homemade ice cream. The Benefit starts at 5:30 pm. Anyone who would like to donate can feel free to contact our Publisher, who will pass it on. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans will be providing Supplemental Funds. None of us here at the Holabird Advocate know what that means, but we sure are gonna look into that.
Larry has had surgery for the dreaded skin cancer, Melanoma. It is not known if he will be in attendance at the benefit, as he is still recovering.
A Fly in the Oatmeal
It's another case of everything happening all at once. Harold and Mary Hinkle were invited to a wedding and an ordination on the same weekend. Jerry Hinkle decided he was going to substitute for them at the ordination of Kevin Zilverberg. When Mary sent the RSVP, she had also volunteered Jerry to go to Mass as well. No big deal, Jerry thought. After all, he knows where the Catholic Church is, and it wouldn't hurt to take a week off from Methodism. Then yesterday, Jerry found out that his sister-in-law, Kristi Hinkle, will be preaching at the Methodist Church on the same Sunday as the ordination. Since there will be no Sunday School, Jerry could go to Mass at the church in Harrold. Trouble is, Jerry doesn't know his way around Harrold, and could get lost. If anyone could get lost there, it would be Jerry. He's got plenty of time to figure it all out though
Another Fly in the Oatmeal
It appears that when our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle goes to Register at DWU, he will have to have a copy of his vaccination records. It will take a while for him to hunt that up. He will also have to go to his doctor for the old poke prod and cough routine. This will be especially hard on Jerry for two reasons. Firstly, he hates having that done. Secondly, Jerry has only seen one doctor in his life, and that doctor is dead. This one may take a while to figure out.
Sports And Games News
When they talk about the World Series at the Ponderosa, they just might be talking about the World Series of Monopoly. Recently, Jerry Hinkle bought Monopoly computer game for 50 cents at a rummage sale. Since then the Hinkle family has played 10 games from beginning to end. Jerry Hinkle has won 3 games, Darrel, Justin, and E.E. Hinkle are tied at second place with 2 games won. Brittany Hinkle has even won a game herself. What makes Justin's and E.E.'s victories so remarkable is that Justin is only 5 years old, and E.E. is dead. The computer game settles all claims of cheating as one cannot steal from the bank or another player without the others knowing about it. It also helps enforce the rules. E.E. has been lucky in that he landed on Boardwalk and Park Place before anyone else both times that he won.

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