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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
The McMillan Bunch
This is a story of a lovely lady. No, not THAT one. This is a different one. Danielle Kline, to be exact. OK, not so much a lady as a hippy (Outta sight! Far out, dude). She was bringing up two very hippy girls (one who was born without a hip socket, but that's not important right now) . It's also the story of a man named McMillan. Justin McMillan, who was busy with two boys of his own. As you can see, one day the hippy and this fellow decided to mix the whole thing up. No word on if they have a dog named Tiger or not, but other than that, this would make a dandy TV show.

Of course, with every good show, there's a spin off! Meet Kalvin's Angels. They are the sisters of the bride, Kassidee and Britnee Kennedy. Both unmarried, but hopeful. Do they fight crime? Well, last we heard Britnee was studying to become a Crime Scene Investigator, while Kassidee is doing noble work among the lowly heathens in the Czech Republic. Too bad they don't have a brunette in this lineup!
No Twins Cities for the Hinkles
Professor Ken Hansen thinks that Mary Hinkle needs a break and that she should pack her bags and tell her hubby that he’s got a weekend job chauffeuring her and her mother to Minneapolis. Trouble with that is, Mary is not able to get away. Friday she has UMW, and she also has to watch Justin Hinkle graduate from Head Start later that evening. Mary has been feeling good enough to get out into the garden. She does get tired, but it's the good kind of tired. The kind that lets one sleep through the night.
North of 40:Those bed and breakfast blues
by Red Green
We have a couple of friends who have retired from their jobs and have turned their house into a bed and breakfast. So, naturally, my wife and I end up discussing the possibility of doing the same thing. That's a natural reaction. Whenever someone you know does something that you haven't done, you start considering it. That's why when you're selling some product that's completely worthless, the first sale is so important.
Now, I don't know whether my wife is going to push this bed-and-breakfast thing, but I plan to fight it all the way. I don't like strangers in my house at any time, and staying overnight is really asking for trouble. I'm going to hear strange noises and snippets of conversations and only imagine what's going on in there. And who came up with the concept of giving them breakfast? That's not the high point of my day, either physically or emotionally. I'll be awake all night listening to potential tribal rituals, and then I'm expected to greet these transients at the bottom of the stairs with a smile and an omelet. It's more than a coincidence that the emergence of bed and breakfasts is concurrent with the increase in domestic violence.
Finishing what the Nemecs Started
Ana Nemec had quite a debate going on her blog. Before her hiatus, she and her mother were comparing Batman and Spider Man. Nick Nemec brought Captain Underpants ( yes, Virginia, there is such a superhero, we googled to make double sure) into the discussion. So we thought up a couple of our own so we could settle it with our Pollmaster General. In case none of them get 51%, we'll have a run off!

Who is the greatest superhero of all time?
Captain Underpants
(He/She) is not on the list
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