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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
The Iron Woman Returns
After a little more than a months hiatus, Ana Nemec is blogging again. It sounds like she's been busy too. Besides doing all the regular college stuff, she's also been training for her big run in the Iron Woman triathlon, which was last Sunday. She must not have come in first, or she'd have bragged about it. Still, providing she finished, that makes her a winner as far as all of us here at the Holabird Advocate are concerned. Great job Ana! Were all proud of you. Better her than us, eh! To hear about Ana's adventures in more detail go to her website:collegetales.blogspot.com/
Dakota Statesman Sets Up
Prairie Deacon CEO, Jerry Hinkle is running a different kind of marathon. He has set up a Myspace website to get ready for the "Independent" reality show when it comes on. The site is a work in progress. One good sign is that almost at once, the President of Myspace, a man named Tom Anderson. You can check out the new edition to the Prairie Deacon Media family at:
Fatted Calf Changes Form
Instead of serving mock prime rib, the Come Hahn in Make Your Own Bed And Breakfast served up barbecued Iowa Pork Chops. One can only imagine how much that it thrilled Ken Hansen to find Iowa Chops in Pierre, South Dakota.
Our Publisher was not there last night, but Agnes did send a leftover chop up to the Ponderosa. He didn't even heat it up. That method of eating any pork product is usually not recommended, but our Publisher didn't mind it a bit. The sauce was especially good.
Today is a work day at the Come Hahn Inn. Harold and Mary Hinkle left to go there this morning with lawn mowers. They even brought their own gas. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are sure that Agnes will have the best lawn in town for her 89th birthday tomorrow.

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