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Friday, March 30, 2007
Ponderosa Precipitation Picks Up
Holabird got a little wetter last night as the Ponderosa got another half inch of rain. Harold Hinkle gave his old rain gauge to Darrel Hinkle so he wouldn't keep calling to find out how much rain was in the gauge. Darrel hasn't had time to hang it outside yet, so he called again this morning. The rain will continue off and on in the Holabird Area. We may even get some snow without praying for it.
Public Meeting Set for April 12
The Tentative meeting scheduled for April 10 with Steve Cutler of the FSA will be moved to April 12 at the Hyde County Memorial Auditorium in Highmore. The time is still the same: 6:30 pm. Our Publisher hasn't found a ride to the meeting yet. If Reader Opinion has anything to say about it, he'd better get one pronto. So far 56% of the Readers surveyed want the Holabird Advocate to be a part of this story. That could change drastically before the actual meeting comes about. He does have a couple questions prepared. If he should come up with ten, we'll post them here on the Front Page beforehand.
Brittany Hinkle Aims for Gold in Parkston
Tomorrow is the big BB Gun tournament in Parkston, South Dakota. Brittany Hinkle has a better than average chance of placing high enough to qualify for the National BB Gun Match. Of course the eggs have to hatch before we count the chickens, but her shooting has been impressive this year. She is holding her own, despite being a year older and facing stiffer competition. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate sure send Brit our best thoughts and prayers. Go get 'em Good Buddy!
While Brit and her parents are getting ready for the shooting match, Shelby and Justin Hinkle are guests at the Ponderosa. Even though both are well below the minimum age of 8 to play Monopoly, they have been playing it with gusto. There does seem to be a bit of confusion between going to jail and just visiting. another controversy erupted concerning if one goes to jail for rolling doubles three times in a row. Jerry Hinkle settled that with the simple "My game, my rules!" declaration. If you ever play Monopoly with Justin, you'd know why the rule was made. This promises to be a fun weekend for Jerry. Not quiet, but fun!

Hey Jerry, are you the banker too? I don't know Justin very well, but Shelby has always struck me as a no nonsense kind of gal. So keep your hands out of the till and no funny stuff. I never did like that three doubles in a row rule.
Of course I'm the banker! It's my game!
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