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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Pentagon Reads Holabird Advocate
Over the 63 month history of our little Newsblog, we have not been able to brag about a large Readership. We have been privileged, however, to have some very high quality people gazing into our Front Page. The newest Reader that we can identify used a computer at the Pentagon to read the Holabird Advocate. Does this mean that we are to blame for the state of things in the Defense Department? By no means! But if reading this website becomes a habit, perhaps things will improve.
Prayers for Rain get Answers
We are proud to announce that, for now anyway, snow is a thing of the past. The Ponderosa has been soaked with about 1.31 inches this week. Harold Hinkle's brand new Keloland Rain Gauge is getting very wet today. The raindrops falling gently against the window is music to our ears. One thing is for sure, this is sure good for the alfalfa.
Wanted: Ride to Auditorium
With State FSA Director, Steve Cutler, tentatively scheduled to be meeting with the public at the Hyde County Memorial Auditorium in Highmore on April 10, Jerry Hinkle is hoping to hitch a ride with someone on their way down to the big city. The reason for this is two fold. First, Jerry's dad, Harold Hinkle, doesn't want him driving Jerry's nice new white car down the Holabird Grade. Also, with gas at $2.67 per gallon, Jerry would rather throw in with a group that go it alone. Anyone who picks him up will get credited in the Holabird Advocate, and get to help with any questioning that may take place if Jerry does attend the meeting.
Jerry Hinkle: He's No Journalist
Our Readers have spoken. They honor our Publisher's claim that he is not a journalist. Not one Reader says that he is a journalist. So what is he? Well 25% say that he's and entertainer, 58% say he's a little of both, and the rest say is isn't one or the other.
On to the next issue. With the Hyde County's FSA office possibly closing, the community may need a courageous dynamic voice to be heard. Should our Publisher step forward, or should he let John Zilverberg and the Highmore Herald handle the media coverage of this event?

Should the Holabird Advocate get involved in the fight to save the Hyde County FSA office
Let the Highmore Herald and John Zilverberg handle it
Don't volunteer! Wait to be drafted!
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