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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
No More Snow For Us
The Readers have spoken. According to our Pollmaster General, it is unanimous. We will not be praying for snow. Of those who want rain, 87% want it right away. The remaining 13% are willing to wait for April 1. All of us don't care when you, the Readers, pray for rain, just as long as you do it.
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This edition of the Holabird Advocate is being publisher in the Verdana writing style. It is not the last, but the last one is being saved for a special report. Until then we will be going back to the original font style. There are some styles we liked, and other's we didn't, For now, we'll stick with the original style. This will not come as a shock to many of you who have written in predicting that is what we would end up doing. Pat yourself on the back!
Lays Helps Wishes Come True
Submitted by Shannon Walls
The Make A Wish Foundation made an amazing wish come true for Hunter. The trip we were able to take because of them was a once in a lifetime event. Here is one way to give back without much effort. Hunter has always wanted to do something for the ladies that worked so hard on the Disney Cruise and this is a pretty easy way.This came in the Foundations newsletter that I receive monthly so it is a legitimate cause! Take care! Thank you!!
Make-A-Wish FoundationĀ® Friends, The LAY'SĀ® brand is inviting consumers to "Share the Joy" to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation raise the resources to grant 100,000 wishes. Consumers are encouraged to visit lays.com to upload photos, home video clips, or simply share moments that are especially meaningful and joyous to them. For every moment of joy shared, Lay's will make a $1 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation (up to $460,000).
We're hoping you can help us get this promotion off to a great start by logging onto lays.com and contributing a photo, home video clip or joyous memory of your own. It's simple to do, and you'll be supporting an organization that brings joy to the lives of children.

The Secret Is Getting Out
by Jerry Hinkle,
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
While attending the Worship Service at the Highmore Healthcare Center, I came away more blessed than when I arrived. The man who gave the sermon talked about how the best way to get from Highmore to Miller was to travel east by car for about 23 minutes. It sounds simple, yet there are those in the world who would rather go their own way. In fact some would rather go west for about 80 days. It may seem outlandish, but the Hebrew Children spent 40 years travelling to the Promised Land. Joyce Meyer claims that the direct route would have taken 11 days.
Some people look for happiness in this new book called "The Secret". It's the right idea, but the wrong book. If you want to know "the secret" find a bible and read the Sermon on the Mount. Then dedicate your life to following the teachings of the one who gave that sermon.

Thank you for putting the link on your website for the Make A Wish Foundation fundraiser. Hunter and I are hoping to raise some money of our own to present to the South Dakota chapter in Sioux Falls that help grant our wish. If all else fails we'll be taking some of the money raised at Hunter's own fundraiser and giving to the cause.
Thanks again for being our friend.
Shannon Walls
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