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Thursday, March 22, 2007
"Times" is Right to Sing
"Here Comes the Bride?"
The only outfit that BOJ hasn't displayed below the head of our lone Representative, Stephanie Herseth, is a wedding dress. That may change this weekend. According to the SDWC, There has been some speculation that Saturday night in Brookings will be the "In" place because of possibly impending nuptials. There have also been reports that the Argus Leader is getting ready for the event whenever it happens.
This would be a sad time for our Publisher, except that he has put Ms. Herseth behind him after the hairstyle that he promised Russ Levsen he would not mention anymore. At any rate all of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish Ms. Herseth and Mr. Sandlin all the very best in case the events described come about. We'd also like to remind the happy (for now) couple that our Publisher had offered to do the ceremony $20 cheaper than the lowest bid, and that offer still stands if it isn't too late.
As our headline indicates, the lettering style for today is called "Times". So far nobody has voiced a preference for any of the new styles. Still it has been nice to experiment with them all so far. We think that we should save Webdings for April 2 for our special report.
Going on the Road
Harold and Mary Hinkle will be heading down the trail to Freeman for Schmeckfest this weekend. All of you Readers down there be sure and tell them how much you love the Newsblog. More importantly, help raise a lot of money for Freeman Academy. Most importantly, chow down, unless you gave up something for lent.
Is a Picture Worth 1000 Lives?
by Jerry Hinkle
dynamic courageous Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
South Carolina is trying to pass a law that would make an expectant mother to look at a sonogram of her unborn baby before she goes through with an abortion procedure. Now, I am pro choice, and have been for a while. Still, I do believe that the choice should be as well informed as possible when a human life is at stake. That said, here is the latest Pollmaster General question! Make a choice, and may it be as well informed as possible.
Should a pregnant woman be made to look at a sonogram of her unborn child before she has any abortive procedure?
Except for cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother
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