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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Lucida Grande is Today's Big Style
Today we have decided to showcase the Lucida Grande lettering style. So far spell check has shown that those are the only misspelled words here.
Hansen's Spring Break it in Arizona
Arizona may not be the #1 Spring Break destination for college kids. That could be why Ken and Jo Hansen chose to take their break there instead of the usual places. They are in an undisclosed location in Tucson, not too far from the Kennedy Compound in Green Valley. The Hansens have made contact with cousin Ruth Ann Myrvold and found out that her granddaughter, Bethanie Christiansen, will be back in the USA for Summer vacation when Ken, Jo, and the rest of their group go to Norway this July.
Dining at the Mainstreet Cafe
At his mother's, suggestion, our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, went to the Mainstreet Cafe for a cup of coffee while she had a haircut. A coffee and and a frosted roll will set you back a mere 80 cents. It's a pretty laid back atmosphere too. The place is clean, and the staff is friendly. Jerry was hoping that when his parents picked him up at the Cafe, that they'd want to stay for the Turkey Combo, which was today's special. For some reason, they'd rather go home to the Ponderosa for some toasted day old bread and stale fruit juice. Jerry picked up his door prize, which was a 5 piece screwdriver set. Next time he sees someone with a screw loose, he'll know what to do. The only bad thing Jerry can say about the Cafe is that there were no snicker doodles when he arrived. They must have run out of them. The snicker doodles are especially good. He gives the Cafe two thumbs up!
Pollmaster General Results for DST
It would appear that Daylight Saving Time is not too popular. Only 12% of those surveyed think it's worthwhile. There are 44% who don't mind it usually, but the early start was not well received. The remaining 44% hate DST with a passion, and claim they always will.
One good thing about the late end too DST is that those devil worshipping trick or treaters will have to wait an extra hour before they can beg for candy from door to door.
North of 40: The name says it all
Big corporations spend a lot of time and money selecting names for their products and services. But in these days of so many entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, they often don't have the resources to pick their names carefully. If that's your situation, here are some names to avoid:
A crematorium called "Fired, But Not Forgotten."
A laxative called "Sprint."
A steakhouse called "Meat Here."
A large-sizes clothing store called "Grandiose Designs."
An after-hours vasectomy clinic called "Nick at Night."

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