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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Goodbye, Elena! Hello Tatyana!
Below is a somewhat familiar face. It is Elena, who wrote that she couldn't wait to meet Our Publisher and wanted him to pay for her to visit me. Well she's still waiting! Or is she? She has not written again since that first request. Our Top photo is a new gal on the scene. Her name is Tatyana. Like Elena, she is from Russia. Unlike Elena being her friend will not cost anything. Our Publisher has the option of sending her a gift, but if we know him, that gift will be a long time in coming.Tatyana has several tastefully done photographs on her website: http://helpinlove.net/photo2.rpx?&id=3979&pr=bob1

Agnes Hahn to Entertain
Company This Weekend
Larry and Phyllis Ehlers have found some spare time, and like most sensible people, that want to come to Hyde County for the weekend to see the sights (or is it sites?). To that end, they will be staying at the Come Hahn Inn to spend the bulk of their idle hours. As it happens, The Crop Show is this weekend, so Agnes won't have to cook on Saturday. Besides free pancakes any food they could ever want to eat will be on sale. We're sure that Kolda Processing will be there, and maybe even the Eureka Bakery.
Time For Change?
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
Once again Daylight Savings Time is rearing it's ugly head upon us. The sheep of this nation will all be made to switch their clocks at the whim of Big Brother. To make matters worse, it will be 3 weeks earlier this year. The reason? Well, the morons in charge of the Energy Department seem to think this will save electricity. I am going to do a little investigating on this. I'm going to compare our electric power use between February, March, and April of this year and last year to see if there is any difference. It there is any savings, i just might give up my anti DST crusade.
Meanwhile What do you think of Daylight Savings Time? Got an opinion of the early start this year? Well, now is your chance to vote and let your voice be heard, by me anyway!

How do you feel About Daylight Savings Time?
I hate it and I'll always hate it!
Lighten up, bub! It does save energy whether you believe it or not!
I don't mid DST, but this early start is a pain in the %&%#
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