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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Lion Keeps Roaring
March came in like a lion in Holabird. This area and a good part of South Dakota is still in the grip of an almost statewide blizzard. Keloland and the other media outlets could have saved themselves a lot of trouble by reporting the schools that were still in session. Hyde County cancelled classes again today. Also cancelled was the World Day of Prayer in Highmore and Mary Hinkle's dental appointment in Miller. It looks like she'll be on soup until Thursday now!
With winds in excess of 40 MPH the new snow shows no signs of settling down anytime soon. It appears that this blizzard, which rates a 2 on the Harold Hinkle scale, won't let up until 6 am tomorrow according to the Cable Guy. I -90 from Sioux Falls to Albert Lea Minnesota has been opened. I-29 is still closed from South Dakota all the way down to Missouri. As they say at Keloland "It's a blizzard! Stay home!"
Agnes Hahn reports that The Crop Show has has been moved to next Saturday, according to the Sully Buttes crawler. Jerry Hinkle, our dynamic, courageous Publisher is thinking about asking Louise Moss out for pancakes so she can explain to him the difference between Yuma and Mesa. That is, providing he can find her phone number. She isn't listed in the phone book. Of course it's a Venture phone book, so that explains it. Or it could be that someone has to help him spell her current last name, which of course, hasn't been Moss for quite a few years now.Our Friends at KCCR report that State officials have been working on response efforts for the major storm that has hit the eastern part of the state. State Public Department Secretary Tom Dravland says the state has enough resources on hand to deal with any weather-related emergency that may occur in Central South Dakota.
That Time Once Again
The Annual Meeting for the Valley Township Board of Supervisors is scheduled for Tuesday March 6 at the usual time and the usual place. Before that happens, Clerk Harold Hinkle has to get the books in order. More importantly, he has to get the books from the County Auditor, who usually mails it to him.
This year's business is pretty much cut and dried. None of the supervisors need to be disciplined, so they have more time to work for the taxpayer. The two big questions this year is whether or not to opt out of the tax freeze and whether or not to disorganize. Jerry Hinkle will officially turn in his resignation as Valley Township Constable in anticipation of a favorable review from DWU. Elections will be held for the offices Chairman, Clerk, and Supervisor. Jerry will be making a cake for the occasion, with a little bit of help from Betty Crocker. All Valley township Residents are encouraged to attend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
A Country Boy Still Survives!
Jerry Hinkle,
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
Country singer, Hank Williams Jr. had a song out 25 years ago called "A Country Boy Can Survive". A lot of what he sang about in 1982 is still true today. The same goes for South Dakota country boys. We might not be able to plow a field or catch a catfish right now, but we sure are being tested. We have plenty of bread and milk enough til next Sunday. My dad's using a hacksaw to cut a frozen turkey in half. I'm nor sure why, but he's getting the job done. He must not know that one carves the turkey after one cooks it. He sure isn't gonna starve.
We're tough people out here. We don't need help from FEMA. We'll take a check if they offer it, but we want for nothing. It's plenty warm inside, we have electricity, it's all good. If things go sour on us, we'll figure out a way around it. We'll do it because he have to, but not until then.

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