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Thursday, December 28, 2006
VOL. V Issue 12T
Publisher Joins Wildflower Ministries
Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate has become one of the newest members of Wildflower Ministries Support Team. He wasn't asked, but he had the option to refuse. He has opted not to, because Wildflower Ministries is on the cutting edge of some real exciting opportunities.
Jackie Quinn, who for all intents and purposes IS Wildflower Ministries has written a book. It will be available by early spring. Jackie is also writing a book review and column for Spirit Of the Plains Magazine. Subscriptions are available at http://www.spiritoftheplainsmagazine.com/
Jackie was not able to perform this Christmas season because of the birth of her son, Kellen James Quinn on November 28. He tipped the scales at 8 lbs 8 oz and measured 20.75 inches. Among her future appearances are Riverboat Days in Yankton, South Dakota. Our Publisher would like to go, but has no place to stay. He has an aunt and uncle in Yankton who may give him directions to the Super 8 Motel.
Jackie's Christmas album, "Celebrate the Child" has sold 500 copies in the first half of December. Since we are in the 4th day of Christmas, you can still purchase them at The Vineyard in Yanton, or The Shepard Shop in Madison. you can also order them through Come 2 Jesus Ministries in care of Reverend Jerry Hinkle.
On the 4th Day of Christmas...
The reason Jerry Hinkle celebrates all 12 days of Christmas is because it takes that long to eat the leftovers. At last report there was still a healthy amount of prime rib left over at the Come Hahn Inn. Some were talking French Dip, but Jerry thinks they meant Gerard Depardeau. Mary Hinkle is making chili just in case the Prime Rib gives out. Joan Hansen is preparing Lutefisk as well, in case there are skunks in the basement. Jerry is hoping to make a Jello No Bake desert as well. It is well past it's "sell by" date, but Jerry claims it's still good. Now you know why he prays before he eats.
Agnes Hahn has been a little congested since Christmas Eve. She was taken to the Highmore Clinic, and they didn't send her to the hospital, so she must be in pretty good shape. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate sure hope so.
South Dakota Songbook
Putting on the dog
by Mike Snider
Since all her friends has got one
My wife is a wanting' one too
A fur coat -
And there ain't nothing else gonna do.
Said she'd look real classy,
Make me proud of her
If run down to the store
And buy her a fur.
Well, she put me to thinking how that
I Was gonna swing that kinda deal
She knows we can't afford nothing' like that
And I'm too afraid t' steal!
But the problem finally solved itself
Like a bolt out of the blue
It just jumped right out in front of me
On highway twenty-two
That big ole German Shepard
My car he didn't see
He went to dog heaven
Left his hide there for me.
For six weeks in the basement
I worked on it every night
It was trial and error
But I finally got it right
I put it in a Captain Crunch box
Carried it upstairs to her
She french kissed me
When she seen her fur
Now she's got that fuzzy fur coat
Reaches all the way down to her knees
She's been complaining' lately
Says her closet's plumb full of fleas
She don't know old Fido
Is wrapped around her tight
She's putting' on the dog
When she goes out at night
Yeah, She don't know old Fido
Is wrapped around her tight
She's really putting' on the dog
When she goes out at night
She's been real depressed
Since I backed out over the cat
I believe she's gonna smile real big
When I show her that new fur hat!

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