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Saturday, December 16, 2006
VOL. V Issue 12L
Representative Herseth Engaged!
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate knew something was up when she got that awful hairstyle, but it has now been officially announced that South Dakota's lone member of the House of Representatives, Stephanie Herseth is engaged to be married to former Texas Congressman and present lobbyist, Max Sandlin. We offer our congratulations to the happy (for now at least) couple. Reverend Jerry Hinkle would also like the future bride to know that he can provide marital services for $20 less than the next lowest bidder. He'll even through in a CD of Christmas music absolutely free.
UBS Changes Name
The Universal Blogcasting Services Network has decided to change their name to Prairie Deacon Media effective January 1, 2007. PDM has many plans for the next year in blogging. One of which is to get another Blogger started in Hyde County. The deal has not been set in stone, but a well known Hyde County personality may be joining the syndicated blogging community. There will be more details on this, should it happen.
Another possibility could be a a while in coming. It would involve Mary Jo and Bridgette Nemec in a reality blog called "Like Mother, Like Daughter". It would involve them going tho the same college and sharing an apartment. Funny stuff, but Bridgette may not go for it.
Nemecs Throw Last Party
It was announced that the party thrown by Ed and Barbara Nemec may be the last Christmas party thrown at their home. It appears that someone else will have to take up the burden of opening their home in an elegant and stylish manner. The Nemec Family has done just that for at least a dozen years. It has been a lot of work, which all of us here at the Holabird Advocate believe is a labor of love. Their example will be hard to follow. They were always great hosts. We will miss their Christmas get togethers, even if someone else takes up the burden.
Hollyhocks Bloom In December
It appears as though Hollyhocks will be the new official flower of the Holabird Advocate. They have handily beaten. The humble Dandelion by a 4-1 margin. The Hollyhock received a mind shattering 80% of the vote. The Dandelion was the big loser, with only 20%. Since the Hollyhock is the official flower, perhaps our Publisher will find out what they look like, since he doesn't remember ever seeing one.
Top Ten Christmas Wishes
(Revised and Updated)
by Jerry Hinkle
1. Peace on Earth/ Good Will to Men (tie)
2. To be a Winner in the Jesus Sweepstakes
3. A working odometer for my car
4. A $64,000 scholarship to DWU
5. The Ditty Bops 2007 Calendar
6. The Ditty Bops "Moon Over The Freeway" Album
7.A Digital Video camera
8.A Christmas Cookie recipe that doesn't involve heavy cream
9. For Krispy Kreme Calendars to be banned forever
10. To have a religious experience with Brittany Murphy

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